What Really Sells?

by | Apr 3, 2016 | Marketing, Selling | 0 comments

What really sells in the online marketplace? Is it physical products? Information? Education? If you think any of those things are what sells, the sad news for everybody who believes that is that you’re wrong. You don’t sell any of those.

Is it contradictory to say such a thing? Let me frame it in a different way. You may sell these things, but that isn’t what the customer wants to buy. They’re searching for something else, but the real question is: what does the customer actually want to buy?

The answer: a solution. Yes, it’s a solution and/or results. In the online marketplace, everybody is looking for a solution or result.

What does this indicate? You probably got it right when you thought of the old saying, “Nobody wants a drill; they want a hole.”

There’s a lot of information, products and education available out there. If people want to use it, they will when it suits them, or in other words, when they require it. They don’t want more of these things. People don’t want others to tell them how to do things. They want somebody to do it for them! They want a service. They want a solution and results.

You see, there will always be a surplus of information, products, videos and video modules with hours and hours of online training. There will always be those who sell these things. If you’re thinking of selling these things yourself because you think you’ll make a huge profit, think again. This strategy would have worked ten years back when online business first started, but not now.

Now the pace at which the world is going means nobody has a need for you to provide these things. Say, for example, your affiliates and clients are asking you to promote events, products or Ebooks. Not a single one of them is going to want to create their own ads, banners and promotional materials, but if you create an ad for them and charge appropriately, they’ll be happy to pay for that because you’re filling a need.

You’re providing a service. What they’ve bought are not products or information, not any tips or tricks and techniques, but rather they’ve gotten results. So how do you sell results? That’s the bigger question.

One of the best ways to sell results is to gather the talent or expertise of several people and combine them to provide the results people are looking for. Just as an example, I, myself, hire virtual employees and create a team that gives my clients the results they need. This is how you spend less, create solutions and sell them for more because that’s what people want. They just want results!

The lesson here is to start thinking about how you can deliver services even if you don’t have the skills to provide paid services. Once you figure that out, you’ll find your own place in the successful online solutions market.

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