How To Use Split Testing to Increase Conversion Rates?

by | Sep 4, 2016 | Internet Marketing, Marketing | 0 comments

People who have used email marketing method to build their business probably would have idea about split testing. This is standard method, which help to find the effectiveness of the email campaign. These methods also can be used for landing pages if you feel you present page is not converting as much you expect. By doing A/B split testing you understand what needs to done to rectify, if things are not working. Ultimately it can boost your conversion rates of your landing pages.

Find Variable to Test First of all decide what variable you want to test. For example: call to action, main header, secondary header etc. Always run one test at a time don’t make too much of changes to different variable, it is too hard to find and analyse which landing page or ads version made you sales or conversion. So once you decide with the variable create a two separate landing page. For analysis in the later stage make sure you note down the date.

Link Different Versions of Landing Pages  Now whichever marketing method you are using for traffic to your landing pages, create 2 separate and different landing pages. Say for example if you are creating ads, creating two separate ads. Ads should be same, only URL of the ads should be different.

For email marketing send out two separate emails, which links to different version of landing pages what you have created. Same as what you did for ads, emails should be same only call to action link should differ.

Analyse the Results of Test So now the important question, how long should you wait before analysing the results. It totally depends on the traffic you receive. If you receive more than 100s of visitors per day then you analyse the result in just few days. If your traffic is less you may have to wait for little longer i.e. a week or so.

To analyse the result you will need google analytics software. Check the stats of two landing pages, try to find the percentage of the visits rather than number of visits. Main focus should on bounce rate of the pages. Find out which version of landing pages has got more conversion and their differences. Among both whichever was better implement changes to other one. Then get on next test.

Tweak Your Landing Pages and Continue After completing first test tweak you’re landing pages to perform A/B spilt testing. You can perform any number of test to discover which one works well. Once you have tested header, call to action you can also go on with testing of images which you use in the landing pages and also can play with the colour combination. You can find out ,is there any other variables that could affect the performance of landing pages

A/B spilt testing looks complicated but it’s one of easiest way of testing landing pages. Always remember concentrate only on one variables at a time. Be patient to wait on result and makes changes accordingly. Learning the different ways, increase the conversion make better landing pages.

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