How to Use Metadata to Increase Your Search Ranking?

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Everybody knows that there are many components to search engine optimisation. Main focus is always on internal links, site structure, mobile optimisation, building backlinks and keyword search, there are other factor that needs attention too, that is metadata which his integral part of SEO as well.

Now what is metadata? i.e. data which refers to other data. Web page metadata helps search engine determines what types of contents are there is webpage most important ones are Title, description and structured data.

 Web Page Title and Description

Metadata is set to grab attention to title and description of your webpage.  If you don’t specify the metadata search engine pick up the first link of the article of your web page.

Always write attention grabbing title which helps people to pay attention and then search engine. Here you can use same technique as you use for creating effective headlines for landing pages.

In description don’t copy the title itself, provide more details about the article or content of your webpage.

Target keyword should be included in title and description.

Make sure you use the target keyword in to the title and description. but don’t over use in description, no more than 2 times.

Make title easy to read and understand. always remain within the limit which is set by google. Description should be between 150 and 160 characters and title should be less 65 characters.

Find and Include structure data on your web pages

There is increase in structured data off late. So internet marketers are using structured data which helps to improve the way search engines read the content. Because of this you can add additional information which in turn optimise of search results.

Try to use several types of structured data mark up. One that uses more structured data is promoted and highlighted by is open community which help to increase the use of structured data on web pages.

By using structured data, you can describe your webpages as blog post, a product page, a business directory or any other type niche based page. And also identify author of page, name of business beneficial details like contact information.

Test of Structured Data.

To find the structured data, go to website you will find the instructions about data on your webpages all the list of recognised data. Structured data can be used using plugin.If you are building a website or If you are well verse with html and php of webpage, you can add directly as well.

For testing you can us google webmaster any other online tools after adding structured data to webpages. This tools will help find whether or not search engine will find your structured data which you have added to webpages.

Optimal use of structured data is very useful to increase the search ranking. There are plenty of online resources where you get step by step process of implementation.


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