Stop Doing Outdated SEO Practices!

Stop Doing Outdated SEO Practices!

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Blogging | 0 comments

Strategy of search engine optimisation is constantly changing in digital marketing world how you adapt to the change in digital marketing is the difference between good online presence or the great one.

SEO practice always changes and evolve over the time, ultimately become outdated. It changes what is seems like almost daily basis. We always learn in the internet that there is change search algorithms.

Because of these changes in search algorithm, what should we do to make our websites on top and current with SEO. There are few SEO practice or outdated practice you should stop doing it permanently.

Focusing on Keywords and Not Click

We all know SEO is based on keywords, but you should stop focusing on density of keyword then the clicks. having all the keyword seems like best way to get good SEO but if they are not getting clicks then it does not make sense and keywords don’t matter then.

Keyword are important but not as important than getting the clicks. if you want to earn higher raking there should be proper balance between keywords and clickablity in webpages and articles.

So better to take time and write an engaging content which draws clicks and keywords. It is important to know that we create not only clickable titles but also should take a look at what is drawing the click and how to apply this technique to   blog and articles.

Too Much Anchor Text on Internal Links

If you remember, earlier heavy anchor text on interlink were used to improve the SEO, but now that is no longer the case. Because search engine algorithms take in to account of pages and articles that are inappropriately using anchor text to manipulate their SEO ranking

Always make sure you use anchor text properly, if the internal link is header, footer or wherever add appropriate anchor link. If you using simply to manipulate it won’t work anymore because it gets penalised by search engine.

Creating Pages for Every Keyword Variation

In digital marketing each page is created with each variation of keywords to ensure search engine would rank your page for keywords regardless of which keyword variation a person searching use. This is highly effective tactics still used.

As Google has knowledge about this tactics, it is suggested that keyword would be sprinkled in single page in a proper manner instead of multiple pages of each keywords variations. This shows search engines that your content is helpful but not manipulative for SEO ranking.

Paying for Links

When companies came to know that SEO value is link building, all companies started selling links to help SEO value. Which worked initially, unless search engine traced these links that signalled that website being linked was to boost their SEO value.

When Search engine like google realised companies were paying for these links to just to boost seo, they started downgrading websites rank. They recognise that these directory were not a credible source and wanted to discourage link manipulation.

I would advise companies not pay for any links unless you have legitimate partnership. If you are paying a blogger to write about your service that they use to have them in the link is ok and help to boost you seo, but money to list your link is bad.

If you are interested in learning more about outdated SEO practices and how to make sure that you aren’t using them, check out my website and my done-for-you system to improve your digital marketing.

I’m a Consultant for a business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs,Which offers a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey. Ashok kumar Mudugal


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