No Luck! It’s all about marketing.

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Marketing | 0 comments

Luck doesn’t exist in online business. It’s all about marketing. 

Although some people have found success, wealth and a great career, they’re unhappy. They’re unhappy in their jobs and their relationships, so what’s the common thread that runs throughout all of these? Change. People refuse to change their predicament. They see others who are happy with these things and chalk it up to luck.

The same belief is held about famous products. We go around saying that because a product got famous, it was released in the right place at the right time. However, one can hardly say that about a brand like Coca-Cola. Is anyone going to walk by a vending machine of Coca-Cola products and say they just “got lucky” with their success?

Of course not! We would credit Coca-Cola’s success to its marketing team. People buy it because of careful placement and good advertising, so what can we learn from this? Do you have to be lucky with your online business, or should you take the approach of good marketing and place your product in the right place at the right time?

We need to catch the eye of the person we want to buy the product. You may think I’m going to give you a strategy or philosophy on marketing. No! I’m going to help you figure out how to place your product in the right place at the right time. My experience in universal marketing has enabled me to help you determine product and user needs, price and costs, promotion, communication, place and convenience.

What are the product and customer needs? We can help you determine what kind of product your customer needs and how to market it to them, giving you a massive advantage over other businesses.

What about price and costs? To become successful, you have to spend some money. It costs a lot to chase your dreams: your life, your relationships and other important things you possess. Nothing comes for free. Are you willing to pay the price to realize your dream?

What about promotion and communication? How will you let people know you’re out there? How do they know you exist? Life is like a supermarket; people are exposed to hundreds of products per day. It’s not the best product that gets noticed, but rather the successfully promoted product.

What are place and convenience? By positioning your product where people can easily find you, you give them the convenience of easily accessing your product. Sometimes we have to consider all of our options because the place where you meet the most obvious customers isn’t where you most need your product.

After we find success, we attribute our successful marketing to luck. We tell ourselves that people are lucky. For example, we may have a weight problem. We take a weight loss pill hoping for a quick and easy solution. We take the “lucky pill” and wait for results. However, we end up feeling dissatisfied.

Don’t fall into this trap. Analyze what you’re good at. Position yourself differently to enhance your products. Get inspired. The next time you’re feeling dissatisfied with your relationships or the way your life is going, you have two choices: either swallow the luck pill and continue on with business as usual, or you can analyze the situation, take action and truly change the game.

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