How to Monetize Your Site Using Sponsored Posts

How to Monetize Your Site Using Sponsored Posts?

by | May 7, 2017 | Blogging | 0 comments

Few years ago, if you receive thousands of visitors on your website, you would make considerable amount of money from ads in your pages but now it is not possible as people have become blind to the ads.

Is hard to monetize the site using advertising so what is alternate ways to make money to through the traffic you receive.

By adopting new approach for monetisation can increase the user experience and over all influence. Approach I’m talking about is using sponsored posts.


What are Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored post are blog posts that companies pay to publish on your website. This might anything from blog you write or they give it you. It can be any format like reviews, informative blogs and videos.

This approach will mainly increase the presence online and also help businesses to obtain backlinks. To go with this approach, you need find businesses that are willing to pay for this service.


Find the Businesses That Need Sponsored Posts

Find the business of your niche send them message with your pitch, ask them that you are opening the change to increase their business by publishing their post on your website. Include the charge for the publication. You will get bites, some of them will turn you down.

Once you get sponsored post, you can track the stats related to each post which is published. Keep a track of visitors that article receives and number of social media shares.

You can use the tracking information details to pitch to other companies. More you publish the posts it’s easy to find new business.


Make Sure That the Sponsored Posts Match Your Brand

Please don’t publishing any post which doesn’t not relate to your brand, you can even disclose if you don’t agree with the view of author our publishing post on your website. If there is any negative response will be directed to you.

Before publishing sponsored post create a standard agreement with the business that all the articles must receive final approval before publishing and you can choose or deny and refund any post if don’t wish to publish.


Also Continue Releasing Your Own Content

Always keep in mind you can’t fill your website only with the content of sponsored post the regular reader will stop showing up. Use of sponsored content as source of addition income and supplement to your own content.

Avoid using to many sponsored post, stick to a blogging schedule of one new blog post each week. You could take one sponsored post each month.

Make sure you have 75% of original content and 25 % sponsored content should be sufficient to keep your reader happy.

This can help to increase you influence if you are careful with use of sponsored post. Your site can be beneficial information source in your niche, just be aware of quality of content you publish. Sponsored posts provide a simple alternative to ad placement for monetizing your site.

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