How To Make Mobile Marketing Effective ?

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How to make mobile marketing effective and why?

In recent past over 50 percent of the google searches are made from smart phone or tablets, so we have to have mobile marketing strategy otherwise you may not reach the as many as users you would like to.People think the mobile marketing is just about creating responsive web designs. It has more to it than that. There are few steps which will enhance your mobile strategy.

Improve Your Local Search Optimization: First and most important point search optimisation. Google always tries to include geographical relevant result to anybody searches. Google prioritises the results on based on locations when any mobile preforms a search. If you operate local business this is must you have to include business names, address phone number etc. along with it you can geotag your webpages you can make use of online tools that can automate submission to local directories.

Optimize Your Page Speed: Next important step would be optimise speed of the page, most of mobile  users will not have high speed internet, if you have big sites it will take long time to load, so need to have fast loading page. If your site takes long time then they will go on to another site. People won’t wait for any site to load for long, majority of people only wait 6 to 10 sec for page to load. Use speed test to determine how long takes to open. See if it crosses 10 sec test barrier. To improvise more you can trim the website or removing certain feature as well.

Don’t Block Scripts or CSS: Because of the advances in technology nowadays we don’t have problem in running JavaScript on mobile device all the smart phone and tablets can load java script and other files. This was problem before because mobile devices were not capable of JavaScript. Hence limiting the SEO on mobile device in search results.

Pay Attention to Your Analytics: Analytics are most important thing. When you use Google Analytics and other services to monitor website traffic, and also the behaviour of your mobile and desktop users. Compare the bounce rate of mobile user and desktop users. By doing do so you can understand if your site is takin to load or mobile users having trouble in accessing the website or else you have problem in call to action button.

Whenever a strategy seems ineffective, it is important to take a fresh look at the steps that you’re taking. These aren’t the only steps that you should take to improve your mobile marketing efforts. But, they’re a good start.

If you find any strategy seems ineffective, it very important have different look or fresh look at it. You can also improvise the mobile marketing strategy according to behaviours of the users.

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