How to Increase the Legitimacy of Your Website?

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Question to ask, would you like to buy something from a website you have never heard of? obviously answer would be No. So you can’t expect other people to buy stuff from your website without proving your authenticity of your business. Isn’t that simple.You just need to add few basic information on to your website. This will build up the trust of the visitors. And also helps to increase your SEO.

So how does it all work, Google and other search engine hire assurance testers. They visit the website that appears on search results. They rate the authority of website based on relevance of webpage to the search query.

You have to take of care of the criteria that these testers use. By doing this you can ensure that your website appears authentic and legal.

Add contact Information Testers mainly look for contact information details to judge the authenticity of your website. And if they are not able to find contact details then they assume that you are trying to hide something.

Always make sure that your phone number or email address are added on any page of your site. Best way to do is to add contact information in the footer of your website. Or else you can have separate contact information page with all the contact details, as long as it appears on main menu of your website.

Adding an address on your website This is up to individual, if you want to add address to your website or not. Actually there is less need of address, unless and until you have your physical office. If you are working or operating from home, you can avoid adding address to your website. But this can limit the authenticity of your website though. To make this up, you can purchase PO box number to local post office.

Avoid too much of advertisement.Next important step is to avoid too much of advertisements. This is also an important criterion for testers when they review the website. You should only have one advertisement on top third area of the website. Top third area is standard visible area in desktop and laptops before scrolling down. Either put ads above header or to your sidebar not both. You can even put additional ads further down the page but not near the top of the website as one ad is more than enough at the top.

 Fix all the Broken Links You should regularly check If you have any broken links. Because if you have lot of pages and you often delete, move pages and make changes to your website, link tends to break. And it will have bad impact on visitors and leave, if they see 404 error on your website

Always Proof read Content  As a last step, you should always proof read the content and clear all the spelling and grammar mistakes. A reader sometimes overlooks occasional error here and there. But if they notice error in every line or paragraph it will be hard for them to go through your content.

You can use these tips to increase the legitimacy of your website by meeting all the specific criteria, which will help you to get traffic and income. Ultimately show the visitors your authenticity of your business..

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