How to include Local SEO in your Marketing Plans?

by | Dec 11, 2016 | Advertising, Info-Marketing | 0 comments

As an online entrepreneur, your major marketing plan are always focused on global market or regional market. But we always forget about local market which can help to gain new customer and increase sales.

There are numerous benefits of local market marketing, you can increase the possibility of getting more clients in that particular region, helps in increase worked of mouth advertising and also helps you with competition, ultimately gives you increase in sales.

Following are few methods by which you target local market using SEO.

 Find the market which are likely to use your product.

First of all, your aim is to find local markets which are likely to use your products and services. By using google trends you can find out which region is in search for products and service your offering.

You can also perform keyword search as you do for any webpage and find out most popular terms. This gives you overall picture of which market you would target.

Make a Landing page which is location specific.

To target a local market, determine the local market then you should optimise the existing landing page or creates one which is location or region specific and also you can customise totally to the local market.

You have also optimise the content for the local audience. Work with relevant keyword phrases for your content. Always Be careful while using keywords, it should not affect readability of the content.

It is good to add location specific keywords phrases to headline or sub headlines and also can make effort to add to SEO description and title of landing page.

Local ad campaign

Next important step is to advertise online using local advertise channels or even you can setup ppc ads targeting campaign to local market and cost of ppc is also less than, if you target to the whole country. Same applies to all different find of social media ads.

Give special Promotion Offer to Local Market.

By providing offer or special promotional offer in your ads and marketing content, create an emotional engagement with the customers and shows the customers that you care about them.

When customers are convinced that is offer is for local market, chance of conversion rate is more. And also always create a sense of urgency in the offers. So that customers should know they have to act asap to receive this special promotion offer.

 Track and monitor the result and Local traffic.

Once these above methods are implemented most important things to monitor the local traffic and results. Evaluate the marketing cost and return on investment. And also see if you are getting good result with these marketing methods.

Don’t always try to sell or promote products on global market because your products can be bought from anywhere in the world. You can easily reach the local market costumers with the same product and achieve better conversions. Start targeting a local audience. Get ranked higher in local search results and boost your sales.

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