Improve Sales by Social Media Posting Strategies.

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We all know how powerful is social media when is come to internet marketing. We also know that for online business social media marketing plan can’t be ignored. It one of best and cost effective ways to promote products and services.

If you are struggling to make to use social media strategies, then you have rethink about current strategy.

Have an Objectives for your social media Campaign First of all, Set objectives for your social media campaign. And you have to decide what to get out from the campaign. Set a defined goal for increasing sales or gaining more traffic to your webpage.

After setting objective and goals make sure to implement the way of tracking the goals. By using analytics software, you can track the referral traffic that comes from social media accounts.

Schedule your social media posts.Make a plan for frequency of social media posts. If you have a virtual employee or you do it yourself set a schedule for these posts.

If you look at major player in internet marketing industry, you see they post daily or even several times per day. If possible you should post once per day. Monday to Friday.

Say, if you are planning for daily post, you should post around same time each day. Before that find out which time your target audience is most likely to check their social media accounts.

Because of social media dominance in our life people check their account throughout the day. Best time based on research is 1 and 4 in the afternoon in time zone of your target. Peak would at 3pm on Wednesdays.

I know is hard to come up with new post each day. You have to plan your post in advance. If you post once per day Monday to Friday keep 5 post in advance so that you use throughout the week. This makes it easy to stick to schedule.

Balance between sales pitches and content. I would like to touch very important point. If your post only talks about your product and services, no one is going to follow you in social media. That’s why you need to create a balance between sale pitches and content.

Make sure majority part of posts contains information that followers will enjoy. This can anything about the niche, industry or related to your product and service.

Always concentrate on information what you provide to the followers with tutorial, blog and videos. Limit your sales pitches to only 20 percent on every article or blog post.

Look at your niche’s social media competitors Looking at the leaders’ social media account of your niche is always a smart idea. Also Look what type of content they post, how do they interact with their followers.

To stay on the track, take some time to check these accounts regularly every week or so. This will help to remain focus on your primary goals.

Social media marketing can boost your sales If you develop an effective plan using the tips and strategies discussed.

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