How to improve Sales with Guides?

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Over the past few years, people are more interested towards guides and eBooks a lot, so they are spread all over. almost everybody has an eBook reader or smartphone capable of reading eBooks.

So trend is created, we can take advantage of the trends to improve the sales by creating pdf guides which will attract more costumer and also you can establish yourself as a leader in your niche.

Let me give you few ideas to improve the sales using downloaded pdfs.

Create a good guide on topic with your niche

First of all, you need to create a pdf guide, so you have write at least 10 pages of the subject content on your niche. Always keep in mind this guide isn’t a plug for your products or any needs to provide reader value and they should get something out of it.

Create an outline of topic which you have knowledge about. Before writing get an eBook template so that you get idea about which font to select and page size, so that it is readable on any device.

After writing the guide is very important to include images on every 2nd pages so that it breaks the content which make guide more readable. You can easily find the stock images directories on public domain.

As soon as document is done convert it into pdf format, for this you can use any free tools online. No problem.

Next thing is upload to the cloud i.e. google drive, drop box or any other webhosting sites. Main aim is user should have easy access to the pdf file which you have created, later after uploading copy the link

Giveaway your guide as an offer.

Once you have your guide ready, you can use it in various marketing strategies to boost sales. The first strategy is to offer your guide in a giveaway. This strategy works best when using guides that provide a lot of information.

Once you have done with you guide, you can use this guide for various strategies to boost sales. First thing is to giveaway as an offer. This only works when you give valuable content for the user to read, understand and cherish.

Real value content guide is effective way to boost business. Start your giveaway on your website or else your social media platform as gift or prize.

Giveaway guide to New Clients

Another better option is to give your guide to new subscribers and ask them to sign up for email, get free guide. Once they signup send the confirmation email letter with the download link of the of guide.

Add guide Download Link on your Social Media

If you want as many people to read your guide, then add the download link to your several social media posts discussing your guide. You could create Facebook page or Facebook ad campaign to spur the interest in your guide.

Put it on sale through Amazon

With this strategy, if your guide offers great value with significant amount of information, then you can sell book or guide through amazon. When putting it on amazon you will not need to convert your documents in PDF file as Amazon uses their own system.

You will have to use template which can be downloaded from amazon and then upload your completed guide. By using this strategy, you also generate additional revenue while establishing authority in your niche.

 Try to come up with series of similar Topic

If you are successful with your first pdf guide, then go on with releasing a series of guides on same kind of topic. Over the time you will what works best and what doesn’t. Set a schedule for your new guides that means every few months release a guide on the topic.

If you need any kind of help, there is always a copywriter who can help to compile your outline into a guide.   Just jot down the ideas in random manner then outline and compile for your first guide.

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