How To Improve Conversion Rates?

by | Jul 17, 2016 | Business Strategy, Selling | 0 comments

Normally, people find it difficult to convert clicks into sales. The point is that if we don’t convert traffic into sales, what’s the point in marketing efforts? In can be frustrating for us after we spend so much time and money on landing pages, mass emails and more to attract visitors and increase sales, yet our efforts prove fruitless.

I know that conversion optimizing isn’t an easy task, but if you are struggling or are unhappy with your marketing effort, that means you should explore these three tips to help you convert.

Keep Everything Simple

You’ve heard it a thousand times before: keep things simple. Whether you’re creating email copy or other content, it always works. Don’t get carried away explaining too much about your products and services; be crisp and to the point. Too much explaining puts visitors off. Consumers are intelligent, and they don’t need lengthy sales pitches. They need an immediate solution to their problem.

In addition to content, forms to fill out should be simple and as straightforward as possible. For example, when you’re collecting information for your email list, you don’t need a phone number, address and last name. First names and email addresses are enough. Market research has shown that adding unnecessary elements to forms substantially decreases conversion.

Make Your Call To Action Visible

Your call to action only works if it’s visible, otherwise it won’t have the impact you need. Make sure the call to action is larger than the main text used in your content. You may have noticed that in many companies’ websites or emails they include a call to action in the form of a button. This allows the CTA to stand out because it’s notable.

One very important aspect of your CTA is that it should be placed in the first one to two minutes of reading. That means the first CTA should be in the second or third paragraphs.

Use Catchy Headlines

In addition to any call to action, you should put more gusto into your headline and subheadings. Say, for example, that you’re sending emails to users. In this case, you should use a catchy headline in the subject lines. This is the only way you’re going to get users to open emails. Headlines should grab the attention of the user without too much info – they should be short, crisp and to the point.

Add Testimonials

Customer testimonials are crucial to landing pages on your website. Many times, consumers are more willing to listen to other consumers’ experiences rather than let the company itself convince them. By doing this, you’re letting your visitors know that your solutions really do work. You’re promoting your products and the idea that if they buy them, they’ll benefit from them in the same way the customers in the testimonials did.

A good example would be if you’re new to business and you don’t have any customers. You can use marketing efforts like giving away some freebies to individuals or a group of people so that you can ask them to give feedback. They’ll let you know what they think using their comments, which you can then use for commercial purposes.

Yes, it will take time and effort to improve conversion rates, but soon you’ll start to discover and implement these and other strategies to find success.

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