How To Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

by | May 15, 2016 | Business Strategy, Marketing | 0 comments

How can you improve your affiliate marketing game and make it more effective?

Whenever you choose to promote any affiliate marketing products in online business, you always want to select the product that will pay you a higher commission per sale. Secondly, you want to sell a different range of products that are affordable for buyers, no matter how much money they have – something for everyone!

Say, for example, that your niche is self-help products like e-books and videos. You have a bunch of products for less than $10; this way, people who don’t have a lot of money and are seeking to improve themselves can still purchase your products.

Once you’ve ensured you have affordable products, you should then increase the range of products with more expensive items (e.g. anywhere from $10-$100) for people who have more money to spend. This will push up your profit ladder.

Lastly, you should add a third tier of products that are the most expensive, products starting at $1000 and beyond. These products are for both customers with a lot of cash to spend and those who want a goal to aspire to. This includes products like personal coaching seminars taught by attending masterminds at luxurious locations.

Expensive products not only satisfy the people who need to get the best out of it, but they also provide you with a good back end commission to make more money with less sales.

Again, the question is what to promote. Surely, you have to choose a product or niche that’s popular, interests you, and makes you money. You don’t want to waste your time working in niches where there aren’t a lot of customers. Instead, maximize your profits by working only in the best niches that have tons of customers.

If you really don’t know what niche or interest to select, you can find popular niches in Google Trends that will help you to find potential customers’ top searches. Do some research and find where your interest lies. Yahoo Buzz gives you even more information than Google. Some other similar sites are Trend Hunter, Trend Watching, etc., or your could choose some digital products to promote.

Click Bank has a lot of information about the products it offers. A similar site that also has a lot of data you can use to measure popularity is Commission Junction. With the affiliate products you promote on Click Bank and Commission Junction, you make a commission every time somebody clicks through and buys that product.

Another affiliate model is called “Cost Per Action”. This is slightly different because you can get paid every time somebody clicks through to a page, whether they buy anything or not. Obviously, the CPA amount you are paid is usually less than that of a sales commission, but a lot of CPA click-through can quickly add up and make you some real money.

CPA networks you can check into include,, and These advanced affiliate marketing techniques will help you get the most out of your internet marketing business.

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