What Is Importance of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing?

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Hashtags helps people to find out your social media post. It was first done by twitter among all the social media sites. They made good use of hashtags. but now all other social networking sites including Facebook Pinterest and Instagram uses hashtags.

Sometimes hashtags may also have negative impact on your marketing effort. So you need be careful about how to use hashtags in you posts for social media marketing.

 Basics of Hashtags in Social Media

First of all, lets understand what is hashtags and what not is hashtags. You put is hashtags as keyword that’s a nutshell. It’s a keyword or keyword phrase without any spaces and it includes a pounds sign at the beginning of the phrase.

So what’s is reason behind using it? When you perform any search, social media engines use hashtags to search and finds your relevant posts and it is used by all the major social media sites like.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr

So, you know the basics. Next, find out how to correctly include hashtags in your posts.

How to Correctly use Hashtags

Now let’s know what is hashtags is used for, it should be easy when we use properly, following are the correct use of hashtags:

  • Use up to 3 hashtags per post
  • Make sure they’re relevant to your post
  • Use local terms to increase local marketing

Never use too many hashtags, if we use to many hashtags it shows there is no clear focus in the post. I think Instagram has different rule, highest engagement has many hashtags to it. So generally using 2 or 3 hashtags is better to use.

Always keep in mind never use hashtag simply because you would attract more user choose the hashtag which relevant to the post. Add trending hashtag to your post if and only if it makes sense to your post otherwise it is useless.

If it is places centric then you can use local terms for local marketing, like any cities or place where you have organised an event for or posts about any local business.

The Incorrect Use of Hashtags

Things we should avoid when using hashtag which is considered to be as incorrect way:

  • Using too many hashtags
  • Including hashtags in your message
  • Using the same hashtags every time

Unless you using Instagram, don’t use too many hashtags. In normal condition you use on only 3 hashtags.  Otherwise they are useless. And also don’t use hashtag in your message I see people using hashtag is message, it makes hard to read them.

Last tip would be, don’t use same hashtag all over again every time. By using same hashtags, you would attract the same people again and again. So don’t use same keywords on very single page of your website use verity of hashtags to appeal to more people. As long as you following the idea mention above hashtag should help you to gain more followers and improve your social media presence.

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