If you don’t use, you lose!

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If you don’t use, you lose.

Now, what does this mean? It means you have to use everybody to learn and follow no one. If you don’t learn from everyone else, you lose the opportunity to learn what to do and what not to do. We don’t have to follow the same path as someone else; it’s okay if your path is more or less traveled.

If you tell someone to follow no one, they’ll do whatever they feel like. There’s no control over them. If you add the word “learn”, now it makes sense to them. This is matured thinking. Learning from everyone literally means learning from everybody you meet. I’m not talking about a few people here and there. I mean everyone.

You might ask, “What is there to learn from everybody I meet?”

You’ll learn from their thinking, their actions. When you see unsuccessful people, you’ll understand what they’ve done wrong. You’ll learn why they haven’t been successful. There are two kinds of people in this world – one that never tries to overcome their problems, and the ones that never have any problem at all.

The first kind of person is stuck in a vicious circle because of their belief that they can’t succeed. You see, we learn from various kinds of people. What will happen by doing this?

You’ll become more active than ever. Laziness will never touch you. Your mind will always be alert, and it will become a habit to learn from successful people, as well as those who are unsuccessful.

You’ve heard the limiting belief people say about starting business: “Business isn’t for everyone. It’s just a way to lose money. Nobody can do business. Only a few get lucky and do business.” This is their belief. There’s no data to prove what they’re saying is true. It’s not reality; it’s only a false belief. So, what can we learn from this kind of person? We have to live our lives based on reality, not a false belief.

Our best option is to see reality the wait it truly is, not make up any beliefs. Learn and understand what reality is and act accordingly. You’ll be active all the time! Just imagine you’re learning from kids, young people and older people, how wonderful it will be. This isn’t theory. This is based on my experiences, which I’m sharing with you all.

If you’re hyperactive in terms of your mind, you won’t ever be lazy. Laziness kills people. People have the power to find the solution to any problem; they simply don’t do it because they’re lazy. They blame each other for their problems instead of finding a solution. It’s easier to assign blame than to put forth the effort in their heart and soul to find a solution.

Again, what do we learn from these people? It’s simple: don’t be lazy! You can free yourself from all kinds of internal conflicts by living in truth, learning and understanding what’s around you. That means understanding the reality of life at that moment.

All the problems in the world are because of lies, lies that we consider to be the truth. Your truth depends on the intensity of your lies. If it’s small, you have less problems. If your lie is big, then your problem becomes big as well. Live in reality. Understand the truth in body and mind. Use everybody to learn. If you don’t, you lose the opportunity to learn.

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