How To Tackle Negativity In Online Business?

by | May 30, 2016 | Blogging, Marketing | 0 comments

The internet just like for many people in this modern era is my favorite place to be at. I have an amazing time on the internet. But despite that, there are certain things that I dislike about the internet. Don’t get me wrong, the internet has helped changed the lives of numerous people for good, for instance, as an entrepreneur, one can derive much information and help from the internet, and the guidelines available on the internet really do help in building one’s business.
But to everything in this world, there is a bright side and a dark side, just like that the internet has a negative side too. How many times have you seen people spreading rumors about people? How easy it is for people to buy all they see or watch on the internet without a second thought? As humans, we are always inclined towards negativity so in a matter of few seconds the internet can tarnish anyone’s reputation.
Don’t agree with me? Then you must spend some time on YouTube comment section and see for yourself, this will give you an insight into what I intended to convey. Jealousy is a human trait that is rekindled every time people see someones success story on the internet, they end up being overly skeptical and criticizing that person. This is how it works in the internet world.
In short, the internet provides your haters to verbally attack you or defame you, like writing a bad review about your business, services and products, they will go so far as to write up an article about your products are scams or offering alternate products. This is how the competitors would play dirty tricks to taint your image. And unfortunately people actually accept the rumors to be true, without bothering to check the credibility of the source. This has a very huge impact on your business as before you know it your competitors have already stolen your audience or traffic, thus in this way thwarting your success. When this happens, grab the opportunity to use this negativity in your favor.
You might have noticed people always want to find out if a certain online product or service is a scam or is legitimate or not. So remember, when marketing, you must aim at this kind of audience by setting up your own scam reviews. The rule is to start with the negative examination of your own product, then proceeding towards the strength of your products. Queer It sounds, but, you have to educate your audience. If you yourself won’t do it someone else in competition with you might exaggerate your weaknesses and things get out of your hands that way. So address this issue before it’s too late.

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