How to create personalized experience to Increase Conversions?

by | Nov 6, 2016 | Business Strategy, Info-Marketing | 0 comments

Experience of the customer on your website will have major impact on our conversions rates.  I.e. website is more effective this way than the fact that it loads quickly and easy to navigate. So attention needs to be paid for overall user experience.Let’s find out how to create a personalised experience to increase conversion rates.

Examples of Personalized Experience

When you improve your user experience on website, customer tends to come back. Which helps to increase the conversions rates. Here are few ways I think would improve the user experience.

  • Analyse your website traffic.
  • Create a localised experience.
  • Creating a sign-in option
  • Personalised email marketing
  • Include personalised ad
  • Personalised direct messages.

Analyse Your Website Traffic

First of all, analyse your website traffic and know what exactly the visitors are looking for. Try to pay attention to page which have more number of hits.With analytics software you can find out the beneficial information like demographics, age, gender and location of the visitors. Using this information, you can tailor according to preference of the visitors and demographics. Like If you targeting older generation you don’t want flashy graphics and if you are targeting young people you don’t mind flashy graphics can also take advantage of video and social media.

Create a Localized Experience

After Analysing the information, you can get on with personalisation steps i.e. localise the user experience. This means including the information or content for the people of specific region.

Create a Sign-in Option

This is another way of personalisation, by allowing visitors to be a member and sign into the website.   Like Creating a different colour layout of dashboard for the basic members.You can combine this sign option with other programs like membership plans rewards programs etc. This will enable the customers to view orders, track progress or use the other products and services.

Include Personalized Ad

Based on the browsing habits of the people and age group visiting your website, you can place ads of amazon or affiliates ads.For example, after browsing amazon products if they visit your website they will get recommended products based on their recent browsing activities.

Personalized Direct Messages

Whenever you send a direct message to user or members on Facebook or any other social media site, always remember to include their names in you messages. Never create generic auto response to send messages instead type a quick message.

If you want to type a detailed message you could copy paste the important information and hand type intro or ending messages.These Small steps can make difference when it comes overall user experience of your and website buying your products and services.Basic aim of personalising user experience to make visitors more comfortable and fell at home when they on your site. This can also build trust to help to gain traffic.

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