Get hunted in online business! Now, what does this mean?

Becoming the hunted in online business is where you lead with value in an effort to attract people to you. Value is what your customers are looking for, and they’re always on the lookout for a business that will fulfill their needs and solve their problems. In short, you become the hunted, rather than the hunter.

When you create something valuable that solves people’s high stake problems, you become an authoritative figure. The same is true when solving the problems of others in online business. You build credibility by becoming a problem-solver who helps others.

In online business, we can only grow when we have others on board. We can’t grow on our own. Everyone needs help and guidance when they start an online business. Once we’ve built our business and become an expert in our field, we use what is called authoritative marketing.

As a business person, your goal is to find others’ pains that they’re experiencing in their own business. However, transforming your business into one that is hunted isn’t about finding these pains. It’s all about giving others a solution to these pains and problems. The solutions you offer will make others want to seek you out. By solving people’s problems and giving value, you’ll start to grow.

People who see you growing will come to recognize you as an authoritative figure. Just imagine if you were to go and give value to people irrespective of whether they buy from you or not. This will instill in them the idea that you’re the one to go to for a solution to their problems.

Cultivating these habits is very important in online business if you want to become an authoritative figure. The buyer-seller relationship is all about trust. You’ll need to build a trusting relationship with people; only then will they feel comfortable buying from you.

I see people in this business spamming consumers from their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, dropping links and ads everywhere until pages and timelines are filled with useless junk. These are the same people who end up using a sales pitch on anyone and everyone they encounter. Whenever there’s an opportunity to promote their business and products, they take it.

By talking to tons and tons of people, but with little to no results to show for it, you lose credibility. You become nothing more than a traveling salesperson. Consumers and other business people lose interest in any products or business opportunities we have to offer. If you aren’t offering any solutions, you’re not going to become hunted in the online business market.

People don’t buy the products we offer. They buy solutions. They buy problem-solvers. They buy value. Offer value to your customers and colleagues, and you’ll soon be highly sought after as an authoritative business figure with real solutions.

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