Facebook Posts: Any Time Publish.

Facebook Posts: Any Time Publish.

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When digital marketers started using Facebook, there was always a question what is ideal time to post blog or any content. Each digital marketing company had own set of ideas and their so called ideal posting timing.

There were times when Facebook post would be seen by most people when they try to engage with your content. This was the way to hack the Facebook to work best for marketers, so most marketer fell in trap of ideal posting timing.

Facebook understood marketers trying to figure out their algorithms. But fact is there is no ideal time spot on Facebook, you can post anything anytime there is no universal best time.

Only thing you have to concern about when is best time to post your brand on Facebook. Facebook algorithm change from brand to brand, so you need to figure which is best time for your company to post on Facebook.


Insight the data

Have a look at Facebook insights If you haven’t yet you have to.  Facebook develops lots of tools which help digital marketing to make Facebook data work for them.

Facebook insights give lots of information about your post engorgement, your day to day performance of your post, demographics of your audience and much more.

And yes it is tempting to use   the Facebook data on face value but can refer various social media tools which comes up with their own data. Check the data with Facebook or compare you will find the ideal times for posting. So use Facebook data for your advantage it will help you be better marketer.


Relevant times

After data second thing is relevance, which is powerful when it comes optimal Facebook posting. Like thing which happens anything from blog event, celebrity death, pop culture craze, brand a post about it and here creativity can be big deal.

Posting with the relevance means you need to be up to date with the world going and also fast acting creative team or mind behind you or yourself. So that you are first person to say something.

Stay in your niche when it comes to pop culture posting. You know your audience. If they don’t care that this country star or that giraffe had her baby, don’t post about it. Stay on track with what you know and relevancy postings will work for you.

So always stay in niche when it comes event culture posting and know your audience. If your audience are not in sync with the cultural don’t post it. thing should be relevance to the audience.


Content matters then timing


End of the day Only content matters, business win with Facebook not because of their timing of posting it is the content which make the difference. Content is king of marketing. if you want success in Facebook have a great content.

So timing don’t not impact the performance, thing which influence the performance is content. So put great content you will start seeing result. Curious about learning more about Facebook timing and content, check out our done-for-you system today!

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