How to Build a Better Reputation Online by Burying Bad Reviews?

How to Build a Better Reputation Online by Burying Bad Reviews?

Reputation in online business is very important because it can break or make change of success. To maintain good image in market place whether you are an affiliate or an own products seller.

You need bury a negative review asap, because when a customer gives a bad review it might cause your client to reconsider your products ultimately you could end up in loosing sale.

Typically, it is hard to let go bad review. Once it is posted it is there to stay, but using better reputation management you can let go these kind of bad review and limit the impact on the business in future.

Manage Negative Responses on Social Media

Biggest platform for negative feedback is social media, this is where people love to post their responses. You should have email alert system to so that you can track if someone mention you brand in post.

As soon you notice any negative response you respond asap. Quick response can defuse the situation and you get an opportunity to bury negative response.

If person leaves a negative response, respond them by sending the direct messages. By sending them direct messages find out how can you resolve the issue. If you action resolves their problem and they are happy with results, then publicly comment on initial comments.

Reply to initial public comments show that you have resolved the issue, but never include any details of the conversation that you had with the costumer.

Manage Negative Responses on Review Sites

If people leaves any negative response on the review site, it won’t be possible get that review removed. But you can the keep the costumer.

Same as previous tip if you could response theses reviews asap. And ask how can you resolve their problem and also ask if they need refund and discount. This kind of small step can build you reputation online.

Encourage Satisfied Customers to Leave Feedback.

The next step to overcome negative reviews is to encourage the satisfied costumer to give positive feedback. When you send invoice to costumer it should include thank you and remind them to write a feedback online.

It is not necessary to ask your customer to give positive review, but you can encourage them. You can remind the in order confirmation page or contact page.

Make a List of Bad Responses

You should start make a list of the negative comments to the products and services that your trying to sell. Consider the most common complaints.

If you receive same kind of feedback from many costumers, then there is some problem with you items you are selling. This is will help to identify the main issues in your products and service and can rectify.

If you make your own products or and responsible for the services, you can use this feedback to improve your offering. By delivering an improved product you can gain good review and comments.

In the end, the best way to overcome negative reviews to get positive reviews. At the same time, you can attempt to keep your customers happy. Respond to their negative comments in a timely manner. And, remember to encourage your satisfied customers to leave their feedback.

The best way to bury negative comments to get positive comments. At the same you can make costumer happy by resoling issues by responding them in timely manner. And also don’t forget to remind the satisfied customer to leave feedback.

What Is Importance of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing?

What Is Importance of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing?

Hashtags helps people to find out your social media post. It was first done by twitter among all the social media sites. They made good use of hashtags. but now all other social networking sites including Facebook Pinterest and Instagram uses hashtags.

Sometimes hashtags may also have negative impact on your marketing effort. So you need be careful about how to use hashtags in you posts for social media marketing.

 Basics of Hashtags in Social Media

First of all, lets understand what is hashtags and what not is hashtags. You put is hashtags as keyword that’s a nutshell. It’s a keyword or keyword phrase without any spaces and it includes a pounds sign at the beginning of the phrase.

So what’s is reason behind using it? When you perform any search, social media engines use hashtags to search and finds your relevant posts and it is used by all the major social media sites like.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Flickr

So, you know the basics. Next, find out how to correctly include hashtags in your posts.

How to Correctly use Hashtags

Now let’s know what is hashtags is used for, it should be easy when we use properly, following are the correct use of hashtags:

  • Use up to 3 hashtags per post
  • Make sure they’re relevant to your post
  • Use local terms to increase local marketing

Never use too many hashtags, if we use to many hashtags it shows there is no clear focus in the post. I think Instagram has different rule, highest engagement has many hashtags to it. So generally using 2 or 3 hashtags is better to use.

Always keep in mind never use hashtag simply because you would attract more user choose the hashtag which relevant to the post. Add trending hashtag to your post if and only if it makes sense to your post otherwise it is useless.

If it is places centric then you can use local terms for local marketing, like any cities or place where you have organised an event for or posts about any local business.

The Incorrect Use of Hashtags

Things we should avoid when using hashtag which is considered to be as incorrect way:

  • Using too many hashtags
  • Including hashtags in your message
  • Using the same hashtags every time

Unless you using Instagram, don’t use too many hashtags. In normal condition you use on only 3 hashtags.  Otherwise they are useless. And also don’t use hashtag in your message I see people using hashtag is message, it makes hard to read them.

Last tip would be, don’t use same hashtag all over again every time. By using same hashtags, you would attract the same people again and again. So don’t use same keywords on very single page of your website use verity of hashtags to appeal to more people. As long as you following the idea mention above hashtag should help you to gain more followers and improve your social media presence.

Improve Sales by Social Media Posting Strategies.

Improve Sales by Social Media Posting Strategies.

We all know how powerful is social media when is come to internet marketing. We also know that for online business social media marketing plan can’t be ignored. It one of best and cost effective ways to promote products and services.

If you are struggling to make to use social media strategies, then you have rethink about current strategy.

Have an Objectives for your social media Campaign First of all, Set objectives for your social media campaign. And you have to decide what to get out from the campaign. Set a defined goal for increasing sales or gaining more traffic to your webpage.

After setting objective and goals make sure to implement the way of tracking the goals. By using analytics software, you can track the referral traffic that comes from social media accounts.

Schedule your social media posts.Make a plan for frequency of social media posts. If you have a virtual employee or you do it yourself set a schedule for these posts.

If you look at major player in internet marketing industry, you see they post daily or even several times per day. If possible you should post once per day. Monday to Friday.

Say, if you are planning for daily post, you should post around same time each day. Before that find out which time your target audience is most likely to check their social media accounts.

Because of social media dominance in our life people check their account throughout the day. Best time based on research is 1 and 4 in the afternoon in time zone of your target. Peak would at 3pm on Wednesdays.

I know is hard to come up with new post each day. You have to plan your post in advance. If you post once per day Monday to Friday keep 5 post in advance so that you use throughout the week. This makes it easy to stick to schedule.

Balance between sales pitches and content. I would like to touch very important point. If your post only talks about your product and services, no one is going to follow you in social media. That’s why you need to create a balance between sale pitches and content.

Make sure majority part of posts contains information that followers will enjoy. This can anything about the niche, industry or related to your product and service.

Always concentrate on information what you provide to the followers with tutorial, blog and videos. Limit your sales pitches to only 20 percent on every article or blog post.

Look at your niche’s social media competitors Looking at the leaders’ social media account of your niche is always a smart idea. Also Look what type of content they post, how do they interact with their followers.

To stay on the track, take some time to check these accounts regularly every week or so. This will help to remain focus on your primary goals.

Social media marketing can boost your sales If you develop an effective plan using the tips and strategies discussed.

Is affiliate marketing,the way to go in online business?

Is affiliate marketing,the way to go in online business?

We’ve all heard the term “affiliate marketing” by now, but what exactly is it? It’s a bit technical, and it’s not clear what the exact definition is, but I’ll try to explain.

 Let me give you an example: any supermarket is an affiliate marketer. Every supermarket sells other companies’ products. They get the license to sell the product, buy it in bulk, and then stock their store shelves with it and sell it to customers. By selling other people’s products, they earn a profit. Their business grows, and soon they are learning the ropes on how to develop their own product to sell.

 They develop this product and sell it along with the other companies’ products, but the trick is that they sell their own products at a cheaper rate. This makes consumers buy more of their products than the other guy’s, and so they become less dependent on the sales from brands that are not their own. This is essentially how it works, and it’s what supermarkets like Tesco have done to create their brand.

 You do the same thing with affiliate marketing on the internet; you sell other people’s products, all the while gaining knowledge on how the system works and how you can do it yourself. You eventually develop a product, but now the hard part is figuring out how to market it. What’s your pitch? How will you get people to buy your product? Many people end up partnering with another company to promote your product.

 Step by step, you’ll learn to improvise and market on your own like any supermarket does. The only difference between you and a supermarket chain is that they do things on a larger scale, but the process is pretty much the same. Hopefully, this has helped you to understand the process of affiliate marketing. It’s as simple as that.

 There’s a lot of confusion surrounding affiliate marketing, and much of the general public is suspicious that it may be a pyramid or MLM scheme because they are uneducated about what it really is. It’s important to have a good understanding of the process to prevent false assumptions about this type of business. Affiliate marketing is all about building a relationship with clients and customers, which is different from referral marketing. It’s not about being popular or profitable, but rather about giving value to customers. Affiliate marketing isn’t just some get rich scheme; it’s a viable business model.

 Affiliate marketing is the future of the business marketplace because you are selling legitimate products on behalf of a company. You are basically giving a testimonial on a product that’s been useful to you, but you just happen to be making a profit by doing so. It’s cheap for you to sell, and the company gets low-cost advertising for their business. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

What does your digital identity say about you?

What does your digital identity say about you?

We rarely think about what we say and do on the internet, and we think even less about how that information is being used, but our digital identity has a huge impact on our life! Your social media accounts know more about you than your closest friends do.

 Facebook knows who your friends are and how often you talk to them. It monitors every word, every sentence, and every punctuation mark. Gmail or Yahoo Mail see who you are sending messages to and what secrets you’ve shared in what you thought were private emails. Twitter knows your political affiliation and what school you went to, all things you don’t necessarily want everyone to know.

 Your Amazon and Ebay accounts track you with cookies to know what kind of things you buy and when. Websites recognize you as a returning visitor by your unique URL that they’ve gleaned from you while you were browsing. If you have a mobile phone, GPS tracks your every move. Get familiar with your credit card because it’s certainly familiar with you, and your purchases can be tracked. You’d have to be completely off the grid before these things will not affect you.

 All of these are different services though, right? In recent years, these services have started working together. Facebook links with your offline purchases via your name and date of birth, and any cards you’ve linked to your social media accounts have been collected in a data pool that spreads information across the internet. You are effectively being attacked on all sides without even knowing it. Your different identities have coalesced into a single digital identity. You can’t get rid of these services; they’re an essential part of your life now.

 So, what exactly does your digital identity say about you? Everything about you is out in the open: your religious association, your sexuality, your likes and dislikes, your political views, etc. Social media knows so much about you that it’s able to tailor ads it displays based on your interests. It can make predictions about you and your personality based on what it’s learned.

 Is there a way to avoid this kind of sharing? Yes, but it’s difficult. Little do we realize the power these sharing tools hold over us. Stores force you to have club cards with them, promising that you will save more money by having the card. Once we sign up, these stores use our data to sell to other companies and third party affiliates. This helps other companies to make products we will want to buy, and since they earn more than we save through this sales technique, we end up paying them without knowing. We don’t complain because we save a few pennies, but it’s at the expense of privacy.

 Facebook made over $3 billion last year, with each user paying $2.60 without knowing it. Twitter does the same thing, as does Google, which makes six times what Facebook does. So the question is: can we pay that $2.60 so that Facebook and other social media don’t use our information? Do we have the right to ask how they use our data?

 The simple solution? Don’t use these social media services and avoid the privacy nightmare.

Why Time Management Doesn’t Work?

Why Time Management Doesn’t Work?

Yes, you heard it right. Time management doesn’t work. Some of you may be asking yourself how this could be true in a world that’s fixated on time management. Motivational speakers are constantly talking about time management strategies, and how to implement them, in the hopes of teaching others how to create more time for leisure. The fact is, we can’t manage time. We can, however, manage ourselves. The solution to your problems is not time management, but multiplying your time.

 With all the tools and technology of the modern age at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever before to get things done better and faster, and yet we still find ourselves lagging behind. We’re more stressed, and we’re working longer hours. So how is it that some have succeeded in organizing themselves and living a better lifestyle? How can I sit here and say that time management doesn’t work?

 Let me give you an example. For this example, let’s say you have a family and kids. You’re getting ready to go to an important meeting for a lucrative business venture, and your young daughter stops you as you’re about to leave. She asks you where you’re going; you tell her you have a meeting to go to, but she begs you to stay home and spend time with her. Time management has now become an emotional issue, hasn’t it? Different emotions like anxiety, anger, fear, frustration and happiness dictate how we spend our time than anything else on our to-do list.

 Time management was first introduced as a means to prioritize tasks so that you can do the most important ones first, but this doesn’t create more time for you. It simply rearranges things. You’ve gained nothing. You’ve merely put one task above another, and you’re still using the same amount of time to complete the tasks. Why do something today so you don’t have to do it tomorrow when you don’t gain any time from that?

 Multiplying your time can be can be accomplished using three simple techniques: Filtering, automating, delegating or outsourcing. Instead of merely juggling time, you are automating or delegating, which takes up less time. This increases the amount of time you have to automate and delegate elsewhere, effectively multiplying the time you gain with each accomplished task. Before you know it, you’ll have time for all those leisure activities you’ve been missing out on. It’s like compound interest that accrues over time. It just keeps building and building.

 If time management strategies aren’t working for you, stop what you’re doing and multiply your time. Sometimes, it’s best to put things off until later, so procrastinate on purpose. Multiply your time. You’ll reap the benefits in the long run.

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