Know Your Maths!

Know Your Maths!

Anyone involved in online business needs to know their maths. Why do I say this, and what do I mean by saying you need to know your maths in online business?

For example, let’s say you want to lose weight. What would you do? You would go and buy a digital scale (if you don’t already have one) to measure you’re weight and track your progress. You would check your weight on a daily basis to monitor how much weight you lose or gain under whatever program you’re following, right?

You write down the weight you started at, monitor it daily, and track how your health is improving by looking for trends. If you see you’re losing weight and becoming healthier, you know you’re going in the right direction. You see the numbers right in front of you, and you decide that what you’re doing is right. On the basis of numbers, you see your development.

But what does this have to do with online business? Why am I saying this to you? It’s because the most common question people ask me is how I track my numbers. What do I monitor? What do I pay attention to, and what do I ignore?

Let me tell you. What exactly do I do in my business model that any successful business owner would do? How many buyers are generated on a daily basis? What product do they get? What stage are they in? Did they buy low price products or high end products? This bit is very important when you are selling high ticket products in the pipeline. What can you use as an immediate upsell? What offer do you have to give? How many total leads are coming from each product, and which products get the most leads in a day?

I look at my website stats. I monitor how many hits we got from all web prosperities on any given day, stats from main traffic buys, monthly expenditures on front end buyers through ads, and so on. Every time I invest in a media buy, I would like to know exactly what I have spent. I need to know the overall cost, and I insist on getting this daily. I track each investment as it moves to the breakeven point. I watch our progress over a period of a few months.

I also pay attention to google analytics I look at the trends, I know what the daily hits to the website are but I’m more concerned with the trends like volume of traffic increasing over time. If you see all this analytics it won’t be 100 percent accurate but one measure is 100 percent accurate that cash in and cash out. Ultimately it’s the only figure that matters.

Analyse the bank account, check the total cash on hand, and send it to my mail. Check the previous numbers to see how much of a difference it has made so you can get an average of your daily increase and decrease. As long as it is going up, then I know I’m going in the right direction. Know your maths! What gets measured gets managed, so find out what your measurements are!

Get Hunted!

Get Hunted!

Get hunted in online business! Now, what does this mean?

Becoming the hunted in online business is where you lead with value in an effort to attract people to you. Value is what your customers are looking for, and they’re always on the lookout for a business that will fulfill their needs and solve their problems. In short, you become the hunted, rather than the hunter.

When you create something valuable that solves people’s high stake problems, you become an authoritative figure. The same is true when solving the problems of others in online business. You build credibility by becoming a problem-solver who helps others.

In online business, we can only grow when we have others on board. We can’t grow on our own. Everyone needs help and guidance when they start an online business. Once we’ve built our business and become an expert in our field, we use what is called authoritative marketing.

As a business person, your goal is to find others’ pains that they’re experiencing in their own business. However, transforming your business into one that is hunted isn’t about finding these pains. It’s all about giving others a solution to these pains and problems. The solutions you offer will make others want to seek you out. By solving people’s problems and giving value, you’ll start to grow.

People who see you growing will come to recognize you as an authoritative figure. Just imagine if you were to go and give value to people irrespective of whether they buy from you or not. This will instill in them the idea that you’re the one to go to for a solution to their problems.

Cultivating these habits is very important in online business if you want to become an authoritative figure. The buyer-seller relationship is all about trust. You’ll need to build a trusting relationship with people; only then will they feel comfortable buying from you.

I see people in this business spamming consumers from their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, dropping links and ads everywhere until pages and timelines are filled with useless junk. These are the same people who end up using a sales pitch on anyone and everyone they encounter. Whenever there’s an opportunity to promote their business and products, they take it.

By talking to tons and tons of people, but with little to no results to show for it, you lose credibility. You become nothing more than a traveling salesperson. Consumers and other business people lose interest in any products or business opportunities we have to offer. If you aren’t offering any solutions, you’re not going to become hunted in the online business market.

People don’t buy the products we offer. They buy solutions. They buy problem-solvers. They buy value. Offer value to your customers and colleagues, and you’ll soon be highly sought after as an authoritative business figure with real solutions.

If you don’t use, you lose!

If you don’t use, you lose!

If you don’t use, you lose.

Now, what does this mean? It means you have to use everybody to learn and follow no one. If you don’t learn from everyone else, you lose the opportunity to learn what to do and what not to do. We don’t have to follow the same path as someone else; it’s okay if your path is more or less traveled.

If you tell someone to follow no one, they’ll do whatever they feel like. There’s no control over them. If you add the word “learn”, now it makes sense to them. This is matured thinking. Learning from everyone literally means learning from everybody you meet. I’m not talking about a few people here and there. I mean everyone.

You might ask, “What is there to learn from everybody I meet?”

You’ll learn from their thinking, their actions. When you see unsuccessful people, you’ll understand what they’ve done wrong. You’ll learn why they haven’t been successful. There are two kinds of people in this world – one that never tries to overcome their problems, and the ones that never have any problem at all.

The first kind of person is stuck in a vicious circle because of their belief that they can’t succeed. You see, we learn from various kinds of people. What will happen by doing this?

You’ll become more active than ever. Laziness will never touch you. Your mind will always be alert, and it will become a habit to learn from successful people, as well as those who are unsuccessful.

You’ve heard the limiting belief people say about starting business: “Business isn’t for everyone. It’s just a way to lose money. Nobody can do business. Only a few get lucky and do business.” This is their belief. There’s no data to prove what they’re saying is true. It’s not reality; it’s only a false belief. So, what can we learn from this kind of person? We have to live our lives based on reality, not a false belief.

Our best option is to see reality the wait it truly is, not make up any beliefs. Learn and understand what reality is and act accordingly. You’ll be active all the time! Just imagine you’re learning from kids, young people and older people, how wonderful it will be. This isn’t theory. This is based on my experiences, which I’m sharing with you all.

If you’re hyperactive in terms of your mind, you won’t ever be lazy. Laziness kills people. People have the power to find the solution to any problem; they simply don’t do it because they’re lazy. They blame each other for their problems instead of finding a solution. It’s easier to assign blame than to put forth the effort in their heart and soul to find a solution.

Again, what do we learn from these people? It’s simple: don’t be lazy! You can free yourself from all kinds of internal conflicts by living in truth, learning and understanding what’s around you. That means understanding the reality of life at that moment.

All the problems in the world are because of lies, lies that we consider to be the truth. Your truth depends on the intensity of your lies. If it’s small, you have less problems. If your lie is big, then your problem becomes big as well. Live in reality. Understand the truth in body and mind. Use everybody to learn. If you don’t, you lose the opportunity to learn.

Are you really free?

Are you really free?

Are you really free, or is freedom just a misconception?

Let’s say I have a bottle of water. A scientist has discovered that it can be transformed into a diamond, a one-of-a-kind diamond that’s unlike anything else in the whole world. What would be your desire toward that bottle? It’s simple; everyone will be in cutthroat competition to get the bottle. You will have no regard for anybody else there. You’ll only concentrate on getting the bottle.

The bottle of water represents money. Everyone in the world is after money. It’s so important that you can’t deny the fact that everybody needs money. Sure, you can act like money isn’t important, but fact is that your desire is for money. You can’t leave desires and thoughts behind; they’ll always be with you.

Everything in this world is related to money: our educational system, our jobs, businesses, relationships, and more. How do we become free with these kinds of desires? The only thing we need to understand is that the bottle has life-saving water that will quench our thirst. That’s it! The value of money is the same as the importance of fuel to a vehicle. We need fuel in order to run the vehicle.

If you ask people why they work, they will say that everybody does it, and so they must do it too in order to feed their family. Work means money. Money means food. They don’t really know where they’re going, only that they must work in order to feed their family. It’s how they’ve been conditioned since childhood. They must supply fuel to the vehicle of their lives.

In order to free yourself from your desire for money, I’m telling you to do something that you can do well. Once you do that, making money is easy and ethical! All you have to do is to accept that it’s easy. You’ll see others who are doing this, and you’ll try and learn from them. Your mind will take you down that path. You might find many paths, but in order to find yourself and achieve true freedom, you need to pick one which suits your strengths.

For example, there are hundreds of online businesses and even more ways to make money online. You need to choose one where your strength lies. You’ll have to check your options one by one. When you find your strength, you’ll automatically stop and use it more. This is how you can discover your strength. Make yourself better at it, and you’ll soon find yourself developing your own business. Make sure to use your money intelligently instead of spending it on leisure.

Things might happen where your health becomes poor or you mess up your relationship. You’ll see things start to slide, and you’ll lose interest in your business and your desires. This is how you get tied up. How will you become free again? It’s only by getting rid of thoughts that bring you down. The moment you realize you aren’t attached to anything and you simply love everything around you… that’s when you will enjoy real freedom.

Find the Winning Momentum!

Find the Winning Momentum!

Having momentum in your winning attitude brings high performance in online business.

This one can’t be emphasized enough! Without a doubt, people who struggle the most when starting a business are those who lack a winning attitude. This doesn’t mean that they’re losers – it simply means that they don’t think and believe the same way winners do, and more often than not they end up frustrated and discouraged. They don’t feel like winners, so they don’t act like winners.

A winner’s attitude isn’t always upbeat and positive, but it is optimistic even in the face of adversity and disappointment. People who are winners are always believers that they’ll win in the end and continue on the path to victory. Developing that level of belief and resilience is at the core of high performance in business. Your attitude is everything, so you have to work on it early in order to see the skyrocketing results of your performance.

You might be thinking that this is nothing new; you’re thinking that everyone gives these advice ingredients for high performance. The real question is: how do we get that winning attitude? If we go on winning with something that brings a winner’s attitude, we’re doing it the right way. However, we need to make it a habit. Try to win on a small scale at first with something you’re good at. This way, you’ll have the confidence you need because you’re on a winning streak.

After that, gradually increase the difficulty of your small tasks until you feel good enough to take on a longer, more tedious task. Building up the confidence to take on larger tasks takes time, but you have to progress in steps instead of just diving into a task that’s way over your head. Doing that will most likely cause you to fail and lose the winning attitude you need to succeed.

Slowly increasing the difficulty of tasks will help you achieve a winning streak, resulting in more confidence and more experience. It’s this gradual process that builds momentum to let us achieve our goals. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it in the end. Your winning attitude is everything, so make good use of your efforts when you’re building your business’ momentum.

Keep trying hard and repeating this process. Even if you feel like you’re failing, you’ll have a greater probability of winning than losing, which helps us make our mind go on with the thing we’re doing. That’s how one can bring momentum in online business – through repetition of winning behaviors that lead to victories. This solution sounds silly and easy, but as far as I’m concerned, it works if you make use of it.

Again, it comes down to ingredients like clearly defining your intended outcome, self-discipline, a habit of taking action, decisiveness, and so on. Creating high performance in online business is a commitment, but it’s worth the investment of our time and focus.

Just Sell it!

Just Sell it!

The one skill you want to develop as an entrepreneur is salesmanship!

My affiliaites who are starting online businesses are always focusing on business cards, logo design and creating a blog, along with other things along those lines. Yes, of course these are important, but the most important skill you need to develop is the art of selling.

Selling makes most people uncomfortable. This can either be from lack of experience or difficulty being direct in interactions with customers. Some people don’t have strong communication skills; this leads them to overwork on other tasks like website development. They wonder why they aren’t getting any sales.

Ultimately, selling is what will bring you sales. It’s pretty simple.

Being a good salesperson isn’t a bad thing, though some people think it is. Let me give you an example.

When we go to a professional job interview, what we are doing is selling ourselves. We learn how to be good at this, and we demonstrate what we have to offer if we’re hired for the position. You’re selling yourself to the person who is showing interest in you as an employee. You are both the product and the salesperson in this respect. It’s up to you to showcase your abilities and sell yourself to any interested party.

Even in online business, you have to do the same thing. If you try to sell your products to people who aren’t even interested in you, who don’t appreciate your knowledge, they’re never going to go for it. The rule of thumb is to find people who are interested in your products and what you have to say about them. This is called targeted traffic. The problem starts when you have to convert those who aren’t interested.

Selling to someone who wants to buy your product is a breeze, so concentrate your efforts on them. In my businesses, I target people who show interest and direct them to my affiliate sales team, all of whom are specialists in salesmanship. That’s how I convert traffic into sales. When I give group seminars for interested parties, it’s easy to explain what I do and get a few sales from people who were on the fence about buying. I’ve converted people who weren’t interested before into paying customers.

As entrepreneurs, we need to get over the fear of being rejected. You need to become an authoritative figure with the confidence of an experienced business owner. It takes some practice; if you find that you still can’t do it, direct customers to your sales team. After all, they’re the experts in selling. However, the ability to sell on your own is the most valuable skill you will ever have as an entrepreneur, so give it all you’ve got.

Steve Jobs is a prime example of someone who knows how to sell. He launched a line of products that buyers were interested in, and customers’ demands led him to constantly improve these products. No matter what business you’re starting, it will be an uphill climb. If it was easy to get to the top, everyone would be there. Accept that you will be rejected, that there will be hurdles along the way. No matter what is thrown at you, if you stay resilient and learn from your mistakes, you’ll have a greater chance at success.

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