Why can’t a problem be an adventure?

Why can’t a problem be an adventure?

Why can’t a problem be an adventure?

Just think about it. Have you ever realized that each and every problem is a kind of adventure, one that presents new possibilities and choices? All of life’s adventures begin with a conflict, right?

For example, let’s consider ice skating. Ice skating is an adventurous sport. Those who don’t know how to ice skate see learning how to do it as a problem. Professional ice skaters on the television make it look so easy, but when the average person tries it, it’s soon evident that it’s more difficult than it looks. The learning process will have a lot of falls and sore muscles from hitting the ice.

It takes years to learn the perfect triple lutz, and until you get it right, you’ll probably continue to get hurt. What do most people do in a situation like this? They give up! They don’t want to face the challenges because they already feel like a failure.

The trick to success is learning to think about your failures in another way. The process of falling and failing again and again, picking yourself up each time… isn’t that an adventure? It’s a matter of finding enjoyment and excitement in pain in order to learn an adventurous sport. Each failure brings you closer to success.

A child learning to walk will try again and again until they succeed. For the child, it’s an adventure, so they make it happen. The most enjoyable things in life are filled with adventure.

Let’s say you take on a job or task, one that you’ve never tried before. You’re unsure that you will succeed, but you decide to give it your best. You might fail, but you can try again to find a solution that works. Isn’t this kind of endeavor an adventure as well?

It’s all about perspective. Our endeavors and failures don’t have to be disappointing if we look at them as just another step on the road to success. We should feel excited just thinking about new opportunities that can lead us to amazing places in our lives. If we see a tough problem as an adventure, every problem becomes an opportunity.

We must learn not to fear new problems; instead, we must use them to grow as human beings. Without failure, we won’t grow. Without problems that lead to failure, we won’t grow. You’ll be stranded at the same point in your life for many years to come until you learn to accept failure as a step on the way to your success.

Online business has many elements to it that most people don’t like to deal with. However, it’s necessary to accomplish unsavory tasks and learn about every aspect of it in order to generate ideas. If we look at newfound knowledge as an adventure, it becomes enjoyable to us. Seeking out this knowledge will help us find solutions to the problems we face.

Just imagine the type of person you will become from going through these challenges. If you can turn your problems into adventures, then you are on the path to personal and professional growth.

Brainwash yourself to make it happen!

Brainwash yourself to make it happen!

If you want to succeed, you must brainwash yourself to make it happen!

Brainwash yourself? What could I possibly mean by saying that?

It’s difficult with any business or job to find time to make your dreams happen, but with a little bit of effort, the compound effect will get you results over time. Motivation is easier to create when you’re working on a short term project that will have an immediate result. You can energize yourself knowing that you’ve only got a little ways to go, but when it comes to long term goals, we tend to lose interest.

Am I making sense now? I think I am.

The only way to keep your motivation going is to brainwash yourself on a regular basis. If you’ve read any self-development books, you’ll notice that these authors tell you to read at least ten pages every day. This is so you can brainwash yourself in order to keep going with the task you have taken on. It’s like dirty water in a glass. We have to keep the tap running into it to get the dirty water out so that we can fill it with fresh water.

We see what’s on the world news every day and notice how bad everything seems. We end up feeling that everything in the world is rubbish. There’s a sense of frustration that builds in us toward other people. Where does this lead you? These are all things we can’t do anything about. Even then, we feel bad about it. These things aren’t going to help us reach goals in our lives. If we allow negative things into our mind, we can’t generate any ideas. We are diverted from our main goal.

We need to give ourselves a daily dose of good and positive things instead of the bad. This is what I mean by brainwashing ourselves. Just as our body needs cleansing on a daily basis, our brain also needs to be washed free of all the dirty, negative stuff. It’s necessary to get on with our dreams and focus on the positive. We do many things for our body to help us look presentable; in the same way, what we do for our brain will help us regain control of our mind and body. Is it really that important? You decide.

We are the ones who make our minds dirty, so who’s responsible for cleaning it? Us! Forget about cleaning the things around us. Let’s clean ourselves. Let’s brainwash ourselves to reach our goals and build a better future. Talk about the good stuff, not the bad! You won’t be able to completely erase the bad, but how you handle it is what will help you be successful and have a more positive view on things. Every problem has a solution.

Why should we attend seminars and masterminds?

Why should we attend seminars and masterminds?

Attending seminars and seeing motivational speakers at any event is a great pastime of mine. Learning from many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs is an opportunity that I like to take advantage of. I find that learning and expanding my horizons personally is a much better investment than buying a bunch of materials items to try and impress people. If you are trying to get ahead in life and start your own business, or just succeed in your career, it would be wise to capitalize on these kinds of seminars.

Investing in yourself and learning from like-minded people can give you the perspective you lacked previously. Their lessons and stories can fuel your passion and ignite your motivation to get out and improve your life. Because these people have walked the walk, and achieved greater success than you have there’s always something to learn from attending these seminars.

Power of association is something you’ve heard of no doubt, but you should never doubt what it can do for your life. The people around you can change, shape and mold your outlook; for better or for worse. If you are around the wrong crowd it can drag down your potential and limit your chances at succeeding. The most difficult part of this equation is figuring out that your circle needs to change.

Once you’ve made this decision, you have to leave your circle of friends and find those who can make you a better person. One of the best ways to do this is to connect to coach or mentor in your field or industry. These mentors can provide invaluable advice and tips because they have already achieved success.

Not just for entrepreneurs or business owners either, because many of these successful people started out at the bottom. Being able to capitalize on your position and realize just how powerful your potential is the beginning of making your dreams come true.

Any truly successful person will tell you it’s more than being smart and in the right situation. So much of your success is determined by your attitude and dedication. These are factors that you can augment and improve by attending seminars and speeches built to motivate you. Finding the right people and surrounding yourself with these people can be the missing link in your professional life.

So the next time you are thinking about buying that expensive new TV or putting a down payment on a car, think about investing in yourself first. It’s a good chance to reach a return on your investment, and actually get something out of what you put in. Putting in the work, time and money into yourself can be the smartest investment you will ever make.  Make the step to improving your life and advancing your career by attending meetings and seminars in your area.

Can money really buy happiness?

Can money really buy happiness?

You’ve heard people say “Money can’t buy happiness.” “Money is the root of all evil.” “Money isn’t everything.”

These phrases resonate with a lot of people. Most have heard them before in religious texts or self-help books. I want to talk about money and happiness. The truth is that we spend a lot of time thinking about them. Why is this? We’re trying to think of ways to increase them or earn them.

The fact of the matter is that the phrase “money can’t buy happiness” is wrong. Spending your money the right way can buy happiness. Look at your current spending habits: are you spending your money the right way? Wouldn’t you be happier if you spent it differently to achieve the happiness you’ve been seeking?

How can you change your spending habits to increase both your money and your happiness? Let’s take a look at regular money habits.

Take, for example, a person who has won the lottery. You’d think that they would be happy and content with all the money they’ve won, right? Most lottery winners end up spending their winnings within the first year and going into debt. Their family and friends are constantly hounding them for money, and their relationships suffer because of this. Now they have no money, a lot of debt, and they’ve alienated the ones they love.

Maybe the reason money doesn’t make us happy is because we spend it the wrong way. We spend it on ourselves rather than on the people around us. We are antisocial with our money; we need to be prosocial.

Now let’s compare the happiness of people who spend the money on themselves and those who spend it on others. A survey was taken using two groups: selfish spending and social spending. The members of the group were each given the same amount of money. Those who spent the money on themselves felt moderately happy, while those who spent the money on others, such as a charity or shelter, felt a greater sense of happiness and had a more positive image of themselves.

Compared to spending such as giving gifts to family members or friends, giving money to charity brought a greater sense of happiness. How you spend your money matters when it comes to being happy. Polls were taken and surveys conducted. How happy are you in general? Did you recently donate money to a charity? The polls suggested that those who give money to charity were happier than the rest.

Even in business, companies that are more prosocial do better than those who spend money more selfishly on personal incentives. This connection between money and happiness works in all aspects of your life, both personal and professional. It has been seen that spending your money on others means a bigger return than if you had spent the money on yourself. You’ll find more benefit when you are unselfish in your giving to others. That’s how money can buy happiness.

How to grow your own money tree?

How to grow your own money tree?

What? Money grows on trees? Yes, it does!

We’ve been told from a young age that money doesn’t grow on trees and that all things in life come from hard work and no play. Our parents brushed off our questions by saying we were children and we didn’t understand. Many people can relate to this.

Fortunately for us, our parents were wrong. You simply need fertile soil and land to grow your money tree. We all know that dollars don’t bud on actual trees, so what do I mean by a money tree? The secret is that money trees need simply our belief in them. It is our belief that creates ideas in our minds. After all, 1000 years ago people believed that the earth was flat and the sun rotated around it. Your business is your money tree; even if you don’t work every day, it will still make money.

You see, our ideas make money trees possible. We think that just because the world tells us there are no more original ideas that we can’t succeed, we can’t create, when in fact, the opposite is true. The human mind produces over 60,000 ideas a day; this has been scientifically proven. Shouldn’t one of those ideas be a money tree waiting to be fed and grown?

 Narrow down the thoughts that count and ask yourself: does my idea make sense? Am I ready with this idea? Is my idea valid? Once you have your idea, just do what I do. Make your idea come to life! Create! The hardest and most important part is getting your idea out and making it real. Creation is all about innovation. Find something that interests you and see if the market has an existing product. If they do, what is this product missing? What haven’t they thought of yet?

Concentrate on that idea and make it a reality. Half of the problem in today’s world is that our ideas already exist in one form or another. What we have to do is reinvent and make new ideas. The biggest lesson here is make meaning to make money, rather than making money to make meaning. Make this your mantra.

Let me give you an example. When you were a kid, anything was possible. You put on your Superman outfit and believed you were Superman. You climbed trees without the thought that you might fall. You were free and fearless, believing that you could accomplish whatever you put your mind to.

As an adult, we’re still as creative as we were as children, but we are doubtful when it comes to starting a business. We are told not to take risks, so when you have an idea that could change the world, you tell yourself you can’t do it. Later on, you hear about someone else who actually implemented your idea, and they’re flourishing! You hear about his success and wish you had acted on your idea. If you had this idea as a kid, you wouldn’t have hesitated to put it into action. Don’t worry! It’s not too late. You still have time to believe and put that belief into action to grow your own money tree. You can still do it because creativity starts with belief.

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