Is Information Marketing Business Right For You?

Is Information Marketing Business Right For You?

Is information marketing business right for you?

There is vast amount of information we all encounter in our daily lives. These overload of information don’t allow us to process efficiently on what we want.Information marketing helps to get into process of resolving this problem by making it easy for the people to get to the information they want quickly and efficiently as possible. Some of the featured products are created once and then sold many times.

So what are info products……Info products  includes books, eBooks, DvDs, video downloads,workshops,mp3s,audio books slide show and many others info products.

Here challenging Question is what information product to sell? Answers is very obvious, products which has got high demand. If there is lots of costumers who wants a particular kind of info product you sell or promote, you have strong chance of having strong sales and good profit than if you would have few costumers looking for types of info products you sell. So choosing the info product is difficult, you have to choose the product with which you are familiar .This helps you to have conversation with the costumers and explains about your products. If you are not familiar with your own info product, it is likely that your customers will stay away from you.

Now the question is how much money can be made by selling a particular info products. Simple rule is, if you have plan for low profits margins you are going to select more info product and work a lot harder just to hit the minimum revenue targets you have set. So look for the info product which has got broader consumer base, things you are familiar with and also has high profit margin.

How to find such kind of products? First and most important thing is finding your niche. In which you have to focus on subset of large market to particular type of info products. Few of the popular niches are weight loss info product, sport info product or dating   and relationship info products.

Niche market are basically specialist market where you try to sell only particular type of product as compared to mass market stores.By choosing the appropriate niche you can develop an interest and become expertise. This will make you authoritative to your customers. You will have enough knowledge to explain about the products you sell. Niche market will allow you to stay focus on particular type of costumers, if online marketing is your niche you can create business around that kind of product, events and workshop. So identifying the niche helps to narrow down the scope of efforts making it more manageable.

How To Build Credibility With Social Media?

How To Build Credibility With Social Media?

Social media marketing and email content marketing have the biggest advantage over the old marketing methods because they’re target-oriented, faster and less expensive. In fact, they’re almost free.

Before using these methods, we need to understand one important thing – the internet is here to stay. That means that whatever you post will forever be accessible on the web, and it’s nearly impossible to scrub from the record, so you need to be very careful about what you post.

In many cases, internet users’ social media accounts were suspended because of inappropriate posts containing graphic pictures or materials that were otherwise unsuitable for public viewing. Whenever new technology hits the marketplace, there is a learning curve as people try to explore and gain knowledge. This is what is happening in online business.

The rule of thumb is to always be professional whenever you deal with social media posts and emails. Take care and make sure that your media is free from objectionable materials. It’s very important that your post is interactive, positive, fun, approachable and free from any kind of questionable language, as well as racist, sexist or offensive materials that could upset any group. Steer clear of political views too.

Whatever you write shows who you are. It will always be online, which means it can come back to bite you when you least expect it. Always be sure about what you convey. Basically, be professional, and it will help you avoid getting into trouble later.

When it comes to email marketing, I would say the biggest advantage is automation. Automation can create lists, perform routine maintenance, capture email addresses, track who clicks your links, and much more. You’ll know who’s doing what, when, and where they’re doing it. Your auto-responder will automatically send emails to each and every person on your list without you needing to be involved. You can also categorize the list in order to cut down on emails sent to the wrong address or people who don’t need your emails.

To keep your list timely and accurate, you will need to do some maintenance tasks. Maintaining a good relationship with your customers means you should have an opt-out box included in every email you send. Opt-out options are a must because they ask the customer to confirm if they would like to stop receiving emails and promotions. This means there’s a double benefit. First, it shows that you care about the customer and what they want. Secondly, it helps you clean those who aren’t interested in your products off your list.

If your customer asks you to stop sending emails, you must stop immediately. If you don’t, there’s a good chance your account could be suspended or banned from automation services, putting you out of commission. Thankfully, it’s only temporary. Another way of tidying up your list is to stop sending emails to recipients if they fail to respond after several attempts. Don’t worry; your auto-responder will take care of all the behaviors of the recipients and will terminate automatically. Monitoring the social media landscape is vital to your success.

What Motivates The Buyer?

What Motivates The Buyer?

In one of my past blogs, titled “What Really Sells”, I talked about people buying products as a solution to their problem. They buy food and shop for groceries when they’re hungry. They buy education when they want to build their career. They buy a car because they want to get where they need to go or impress their friends. Presenting the problem is very important in marketing so that you can sell products that are solution-oriented.

For example, say your affiliate product is an e-book that teaches others how to speak publicly. The problem would be that the customer has stage fright or is overly shy and doesn’t know how to interact with people. The way to present this problem is through a series of questions:
Do you get tongue-tied when you see a big crowd?
Are you spending more time with yourself than you are socializing?
Are you afraid of people watching you, waiting for you to do something wrong?

Next, you need to offer a solution. Introduce your product as the solution to the problem. This gives your prospective customer hope that buying your product would solve their problem. The book title is a great way to do this. For example, you may wish to title your book about public speaking “How To Do Public Speaking: A Comprehensive Guide”.

After introducing the product, you have to explain the benefits of it. How is your product different from other products available in the marketplace? How will your product make the customer’s life better? Yes, talking more about benefits is a better way to promote your affiliate products because you’re letting potential customers imagine themselves being a better person for having purchased your product.

A good way to remember it is like this: Features sell, but benefits tell. You can also offer some special bonuses or a guarantee if you want to, or you can wait until someone asks you about special offers so that it has more impact. It’s entirely up to you.

The most important part of selling any product is the Call to Action (CTA). Without it, all your efforts will be in vain. You need to be very clear about what the reader has to do; there shouldn’t be any confusion whatsoever. If the Call to Action is to visit a sales page, make that clear to the customer. If it’s to buy a product, state exactly what they have to do to buy it. Don’t hesitate or beat around the bush. Be direct!

Finally, the affiliate link is also one of the most important parts – don’t forget this! If you forget this, you’ve wasted the customer’s time because they can’t get where you want them to go. To make sure you’ve got everything you need, you need to test, test, test! Double check everything, from your affiliate link to the web page where the customer can buy the product you’re promoting. One small spelling mistake could mess up the whole sales process.

Can Cold Traffic Make Money?

Can Cold Traffic Make Money?

Can Cold Traffic Make Money? Online business gurus are always advising you to go with targeted traffic. They tell you to target the people who are already interested in your online business model because they’re the ones who will be buying your products.

There are few business models that pay you at the back end, and I happen to use one. To build credibility in online business, you need to give things time. Success doesn’t come automatically. However, you can still make money as soon as you get started. That’s where the type of business model you choose comes into the picture.

You don’t need to learn how to get traffic or master copywriting, email marketing, creating a website, and webinar selling all at the same time. The first thing you should learn is how to drive traffic consistently on a daily basis. To do this, you need to focus on one traffic method first.

Pick your traffic method. This can be solo ad banners, direct marketing, email marketing and so on. None are inherently better than the other, but each will help you develop the skills that could fetch you well over 50 clicks on a daily basis.

When I started working at my online business, I personally chose direct marketing. I printed a post card size leaflet and took to inviting people around the area to where my business workshop took place. This is what I mean by cold traffic. I didn’t even know if these people were interested in the online business or not, but I invited them anyway.

The only probability I saw was that the event was a walkable distance for many people, and guess what? Many of the people I invited decided to attend despite having no idea what my online business was about. Later, they learned what it was and went through the process of the workshop, and I started earning money right away.

There’s a common misperception that you can’t make big money in this business until you become a famous guru and build your own brand. That is entirely false. There are a few people that I personally know living in beach houses, operating successful million dollar online businesses.

Oftentimes, people try to skip the traffic part and start learning about how to build their own blogs, create products, or build a large email list. Skipping this crucial part of building your online business is ridiculous. These people are setting themselves up for failure! Until you, as a new online marketer, can consistently generate traffic to a link each and every day and put a lot of people in front of your offer, you haven’t a hope of getting paid.

This point is worth emphasising over and over again. First things first. What you need to learn as an online marketer is how to generate traffic. You are in business to generate both quality and quantity of the clicks to an offer, whether that’s through cold traffic or hot traffic.

What Really Sells?

What Really Sells?

What really sells in the online marketplace? Is it physical products? Information? Education? If you think any of those things are what sells, the sad news for everybody who believes that is that you’re wrong. You don’t sell any of those.

Is it contradictory to say such a thing? Let me frame it in a different way. You may sell these things, but that isn’t what the customer wants to buy. They’re searching for something else, but the real question is: what does the customer actually want to buy?

The answer: a solution. Yes, it’s a solution and/or results. In the online marketplace, everybody is looking for a solution or result.

What does this indicate? You probably got it right when you thought of the old saying, “Nobody wants a drill; they want a hole.”

There’s a lot of information, products and education available out there. If people want to use it, they will when it suits them, or in other words, when they require it. They don’t want more of these things. People don’t want others to tell them how to do things. They want somebody to do it for them! They want a service. They want a solution and results.

You see, there will always be a surplus of information, products, videos and video modules with hours and hours of online training. There will always be those who sell these things. If you’re thinking of selling these things yourself because you think you’ll make a huge profit, think again. This strategy would have worked ten years back when online business first started, but not now.

Now the pace at which the world is going means nobody has a need for you to provide these things. Say, for example, your affiliates and clients are asking you to promote events, products or Ebooks. Not a single one of them is going to want to create their own ads, banners and promotional materials, but if you create an ad for them and charge appropriately, they’ll be happy to pay for that because you’re filling a need.

You’re providing a service. What they’ve bought are not products or information, not any tips or tricks and techniques, but rather they’ve gotten results. So how do you sell results? That’s the bigger question.

One of the best ways to sell results is to gather the talent or expertise of several people and combine them to provide the results people are looking for. Just as an example, I, myself, hire virtual employees and create a team that gives my clients the results they need. This is how you spend less, create solutions and sell them for more because that’s what people want. They just want results!

The lesson here is to start thinking about how you can deliver services even if you don’t have the skills to provide paid services. Once you figure that out, you’ll find your own place in the successful online solutions market.

Get Hunted!

Get Hunted!

Get hunted in online business! Now, what does this mean?

Becoming the hunted in online business is where you lead with value in an effort to attract people to you. Value is what your customers are looking for, and they’re always on the lookout for a business that will fulfill their needs and solve their problems. In short, you become the hunted, rather than the hunter.

When you create something valuable that solves people’s high stake problems, you become an authoritative figure. The same is true when solving the problems of others in online business. You build credibility by becoming a problem-solver who helps others.

In online business, we can only grow when we have others on board. We can’t grow on our own. Everyone needs help and guidance when they start an online business. Once we’ve built our business and become an expert in our field, we use what is called authoritative marketing.

As a business person, your goal is to find others’ pains that they’re experiencing in their own business. However, transforming your business into one that is hunted isn’t about finding these pains. It’s all about giving others a solution to these pains and problems. The solutions you offer will make others want to seek you out. By solving people’s problems and giving value, you’ll start to grow.

People who see you growing will come to recognize you as an authoritative figure. Just imagine if you were to go and give value to people irrespective of whether they buy from you or not. This will instill in them the idea that you’re the one to go to for a solution to their problems.

Cultivating these habits is very important in online business if you want to become an authoritative figure. The buyer-seller relationship is all about trust. You’ll need to build a trusting relationship with people; only then will they feel comfortable buying from you.

I see people in this business spamming consumers from their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, dropping links and ads everywhere until pages and timelines are filled with useless junk. These are the same people who end up using a sales pitch on anyone and everyone they encounter. Whenever there’s an opportunity to promote their business and products, they take it.

By talking to tons and tons of people, but with little to no results to show for it, you lose credibility. You become nothing more than a traveling salesperson. Consumers and other business people lose interest in any products or business opportunities we have to offer. If you aren’t offering any solutions, you’re not going to become hunted in the online business market.

People don’t buy the products we offer. They buy solutions. They buy problem-solvers. They buy value. Offer value to your customers and colleagues, and you’ll soon be highly sought after as an authoritative business figure with real solutions.

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