Improve Your Email Marketing with a Marketing Funnel

Improve Your Email Marketing with a Marketing Funnel

Improve Your Email Marketing with a Marketing Funnel

What is a Marketing Funnel?

The idea of a funnel is used to illustrate the process a potential client goes through as they become familiar with your products or services.

Visually, clients enter the funnel at the widest part, the top, then proceed to descend, stage by stage, leaving at the level they lose interest.  What you end up with at the bottom are the final few who have purchased and love your product or service.  These are the clients that will keep coming back

Your goal is to raise the number of potential clients that enter the top and lower the number that loses interest at each stage.

To accomplish this, you will need to have a conversion tactic for each stage.

There are a few different Funnel maps out there that vary in their vocabulary but each basically means the same thing, for the sake of this article, we’ll go with the following terms:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy

Using Email Marketing to Get a Client All the Way to the Bottom

Now that you understand how a marketing funnel works, let’s discuss email marketing plans for each.


The top of your marketing funnel is awareness.  This is when the potential client finds out you exist but doesn’t know anything about your product yet. At this level, you should start showing them the value of your product or service.  This can be done with free informative content, such as a free eBook on product related subjects.


At this level, potential clients are starting to show an interest in your company and products and want to know more.

You also know more about the client, which allows you to send them more targeted content that can relate how your product or services can help them.  This email could include specific items that you believe will be beneficial to them and even include an invitation to a free consultation or demonstration.


Now you potential client is aware of the value of your product or service and it’s time for them to decide if they are ready to purchase.

Here, you start communicating to the client why your product and service is better than your competitors’ and perfect for them.


OK, you’ve made the sale, your potential client has graduated to the title of actual client.  Your work is not over, however, not even close.

Now you need to implement your plans to keep them.

Repeat and long term clients are a wonderful asset for any business. Help keep these valuable assets by continually engaging them with fun and useful content such as educational emails related to upcoming products or surveys asking them their opinions on potential changes coming. Make them feel like their opinion really matters to you.


Advocacy happens when your clients turn into your biggest fans.

They’ve probably purchased or used your services several times because they adore you. The best part?  They start telling everyone about your and how great your products or services are!

Word of mouth, still the best way to gain more potential clients that will stick.

Now, as you start to recognise these special clients, you can start sending them special requests like emails asking them to refer you to their friends. You could even create a version of your initial email sent to the Awareness level that they can forward to friends and family they think would most benefit from your products or services.

Now you have the information you need to plan your own email campaign and begin to channel your potential clients all the way to being actual clients.

By developing your email strategy with the marketing funnel in mind, you’ll convert more prospects into customers and more customers into fans, which means more money for your business. Yay!

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How to Improve Your YouTube Views and Conversion?

How to Improve Your YouTube Views and Conversion?

Video marketing is way to go to acquire new customers if not you are missing out. Video always drives traffic and provides higher engagement rates.

People always enjoy watching videos, so you can make use to showcase customer testimonials products details or demos. People using mobile devices prefer using video over the text.

In order to drive traffic to your site from a video on YouTube or posted to social media, you need to have a clear goal. You need to decide on what you’re trying to accomplish.

You have to have clear goal to drive traffic to your site from YouTube video or video on social media. You need a decide on what you are trying to achieve.

When your goal is setup and create video with the following few steps you can boost conversion rates and get more views.


Choose the Perfect Thumbnail

Thumbnail is most important element of your video when you upload. Because that is first thing people see when the results appear while search. Same thing determines whether to click and watch.

When you upload a video in YouTube, you can choose from screen grabs or can select any random images. it is better to take time create to own image for thumbnails.

Always make sure that thumbnail has got clear image with appropriate title or keyword over that image. This is to make people understand what is video all about straight away.


Use a Brand Image Consistently

It always helps to establish a brand image, when you’re trying to make money online. Even if you’re selling affiliate products, having an identifiable brand helps you attract more leads.

When you are online entrepreneur it is better to have a brand image. Because it helps to attract more leads enough you are selling affiliate products. You should have   consistent brand image on social media or in use of video and across your website.

For example, if you have any specific colours for your website, use same colour combination on your social media and video which you upload. Also you can insert the title card between the scene using same themes of your brand.


Pay Attention to Length of Video


Viewer engagement peaks at 2-minutes and then starts to drop. So, you’ll want to keep most of your videos to 2-minutes or less. Generally, the only time that you want to create longer videos is when you have more information to provide.

Viewer engagement is on peak only for 2minutes and then it goes down. So you have keep video to 2 min or less than that to keep up that engagement. You can create longer video when you have more content or information to provide.

For promotional videos and testimonials, shorter is better. Use these short videos to enhance your landing pages. Instead of just showing quotes from customers, show their video testimonial. Showcase the features of the product or service that you’re selling.

If you aim for promotional and testimonials video s shorter would be better. And also can use this shorter videos for your landing pages. Always try to showcase feature and testimonials of the products and service you are selling instead of showing quotes.


Add a Clear Call to Action

The final step in boosting conversions from videos is to include a call to action. You need a call to action to let people know what to do next. Though, most people make the mistake of placing the call to action at the end of the video.

You should actually place a call to action toward the middle of your video. The CTA could appear as an on-screen annotation or an embedded text overlay. Then, include another call to action at the end.

Make sure that your CTA is clear and direct. Remember that it needs to describe an action, such as “call me, book an appointment, click this link, complete this form, order today, or visit this page.”

Increasing video conversions begins with the thumbnail. This grabs attention. Then, you need to think about branding, video length, and your call to action. In addition to these steps, don’t forget to include the appropriate metadata, such as an attention-grabbing title and an informative description.

How To Use Split Testing to Increase Conversion Rates?

How To Use Split Testing to Increase Conversion Rates?

People who have used email marketing method to build their business probably would have idea about split testing. This is standard method, which help to find the effectiveness of the email campaign. These methods also can be used for landing pages if you feel you present page is not converting as much you expect. By doing A/B split testing you understand what needs to done to rectify, if things are not working. Ultimately it can boost your conversion rates of your landing pages.

Find Variable to Test First of all decide what variable you want to test. For example: call to action, main header, secondary header etc. Always run one test at a time don’t make too much of changes to different variable, it is too hard to find and analyse which landing page or ads version made you sales or conversion. So once you decide with the variable create a two separate landing page. For analysis in the later stage make sure you note down the date.

Link Different Versions of Landing Pages  Now whichever marketing method you are using for traffic to your landing pages, create 2 separate and different landing pages. Say for example if you are creating ads, creating two separate ads. Ads should be same, only URL of the ads should be different.

For email marketing send out two separate emails, which links to different version of landing pages what you have created. Same as what you did for ads, emails should be same only call to action link should differ.

Analyse the Results of Test So now the important question, how long should you wait before analysing the results. It totally depends on the traffic you receive. If you receive more than 100s of visitors per day then you analyse the result in just few days. If your traffic is less you may have to wait for little longer i.e. a week or so.

To analyse the result you will need google analytics software. Check the stats of two landing pages, try to find the percentage of the visits rather than number of visits. Main focus should on bounce rate of the pages. Find out which version of landing pages has got more conversion and their differences. Among both whichever was better implement changes to other one. Then get on next test.

Tweak Your Landing Pages and Continue After completing first test tweak you’re landing pages to perform A/B spilt testing. You can perform any number of test to discover which one works well. Once you have tested header, call to action you can also go on with testing of images which you use in the landing pages and also can play with the colour combination. You can find out ,is there any other variables that could affect the performance of landing pages

A/B spilt testing looks complicated but it’s one of easiest way of testing landing pages. Always remember concentrate only on one variables at a time. Be patient to wait on result and makes changes accordingly. Learning the different ways, increase the conversion make better landing pages.

How To Make Mobile Marketing Effective ?

How To Make Mobile Marketing Effective ?

How to make mobile marketing effective and why?

In recent past over 50 percent of the google searches are made from smart phone or tablets, so we have to have mobile marketing strategy otherwise you may not reach the as many as users you would like to.People think the mobile marketing is just about creating responsive web designs. It has more to it than that. There are few steps which will enhance your mobile strategy.

Improve Your Local Search Optimization: First and most important point search optimisation. Google always tries to include geographical relevant result to anybody searches. Google prioritises the results on based on locations when any mobile preforms a search. If you operate local business this is must you have to include business names, address phone number etc. along with it you can geotag your webpages you can make use of online tools that can automate submission to local directories.

Optimize Your Page Speed: Next important step would be optimise speed of the page, most of mobile  users will not have high speed internet, if you have big sites it will take long time to load, so need to have fast loading page. If your site takes long time then they will go on to another site. People won’t wait for any site to load for long, majority of people only wait 6 to 10 sec for page to load. Use speed test to determine how long takes to open. See if it crosses 10 sec test barrier. To improvise more you can trim the website or removing certain feature as well.

Don’t Block Scripts or CSS: Because of the advances in technology nowadays we don’t have problem in running JavaScript on mobile device all the smart phone and tablets can load java script and other files. This was problem before because mobile devices were not capable of JavaScript. Hence limiting the SEO on mobile device in search results.

Pay Attention to Your Analytics: Analytics are most important thing. When you use Google Analytics and other services to monitor website traffic, and also the behaviour of your mobile and desktop users. Compare the bounce rate of mobile user and desktop users. By doing do so you can understand if your site is takin to load or mobile users having trouble in accessing the website or else you have problem in call to action button.

Whenever a strategy seems ineffective, it is important to take a fresh look at the steps that you’re taking. These aren’t the only steps that you should take to improve your mobile marketing efforts. But, they’re a good start.

If you find any strategy seems ineffective, it very important have different look or fresh look at it. You can also improvise the mobile marketing strategy according to behaviours of the users.

How To Tackle Negativity In Online Business?

How To Tackle Negativity In Online Business?

The internet just like for many people in this modern era is my favorite place to be at. I have an amazing time on the internet. But despite that, there are certain things that I dislike about the internet. Don’t get me wrong, the internet has helped changed the lives of numerous people for good, for instance, as an entrepreneur, one can derive much information and help from the internet, and the guidelines available on the internet really do help in building one’s business.
But to everything in this world, there is a bright side and a dark side, just like that the internet has a negative side too. How many times have you seen people spreading rumors about people? How easy it is for people to buy all they see or watch on the internet without a second thought? As humans, we are always inclined towards negativity so in a matter of few seconds the internet can tarnish anyone’s reputation.
Don’t agree with me? Then you must spend some time on YouTube comment section and see for yourself, this will give you an insight into what I intended to convey. Jealousy is a human trait that is rekindled every time people see someones success story on the internet, they end up being overly skeptical and criticizing that person. This is how it works in the internet world.
In short, the internet provides your haters to verbally attack you or defame you, like writing a bad review about your business, services and products, they will go so far as to write up an article about your products are scams or offering alternate products. This is how the competitors would play dirty tricks to taint your image. And unfortunately people actually accept the rumors to be true, without bothering to check the credibility of the source. This has a very huge impact on your business as before you know it your competitors have already stolen your audience or traffic, thus in this way thwarting your success. When this happens, grab the opportunity to use this negativity in your favor.
You might have noticed people always want to find out if a certain online product or service is a scam or is legitimate or not. So remember, when marketing, you must aim at this kind of audience by setting up your own scam reviews. The rule is to start with the negative examination of your own product, then proceeding towards the strength of your products. Queer It sounds, but, you have to educate your audience. If you yourself won’t do it someone else in competition with you might exaggerate your weaknesses and things get out of your hands that way. So address this issue before it’s too late.

How To Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

How To Improve Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

How can you improve your affiliate marketing game and make it more effective?

Whenever you choose to promote any affiliate marketing products in online business, you always want to select the product that will pay you a higher commission per sale. Secondly, you want to sell a different range of products that are affordable for buyers, no matter how much money they have – something for everyone!

Say, for example, that your niche is self-help products like e-books and videos. You have a bunch of products for less than $10; this way, people who don’t have a lot of money and are seeking to improve themselves can still purchase your products.

Once you’ve ensured you have affordable products, you should then increase the range of products with more expensive items (e.g. anywhere from $10-$100) for people who have more money to spend. This will push up your profit ladder.

Lastly, you should add a third tier of products that are the most expensive, products starting at $1000 and beyond. These products are for both customers with a lot of cash to spend and those who want a goal to aspire to. This includes products like personal coaching seminars taught by attending masterminds at luxurious locations.

Expensive products not only satisfy the people who need to get the best out of it, but they also provide you with a good back end commission to make more money with less sales.

Again, the question is what to promote. Surely, you have to choose a product or niche that’s popular, interests you, and makes you money. You don’t want to waste your time working in niches where there aren’t a lot of customers. Instead, maximize your profits by working only in the best niches that have tons of customers.

If you really don’t know what niche or interest to select, you can find popular niches in Google Trends that will help you to find potential customers’ top searches. Do some research and find where your interest lies. Yahoo Buzz gives you even more information than Google. Some other similar sites are Trend Hunter, Trend Watching, etc., or your could choose some digital products to promote.

Click Bank has a lot of information about the products it offers. A similar site that also has a lot of data you can use to measure popularity is Commission Junction. With the affiliate products you promote on Click Bank and Commission Junction, you make a commission every time somebody clicks through and buys that product.

Another affiliate model is called “Cost Per Action”. This is slightly different because you can get paid every time somebody clicks through to a page, whether they buy anything or not. Obviously, the CPA amount you are paid is usually less than that of a sales commission, but a lot of CPA click-through can quickly add up and make you some real money.

CPA networks you can check into include,, and These advanced affiliate marketing techniques will help you get the most out of your internet marketing business.

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