Reach Goals with Power Work Sessions

Reach Goals with Power Work Sessions

Reach Goals with Power Work Sessions

A lot of people hoping to make money online are limited to working at it just a few hours per day or less. If you’re working a day job and are frustrated that you can’t spend more time becoming financially free, I have some good news for you.

Do you know what’s even more effective than having more time to work? Getting as much as you possibly can out of the time you do have available.

The reason is that if you’re not focused and effective during a short period of time, then having all day would just mean more wasted time. As a mentor of mine once said, “If you can’t make money in your spare time, you can’t make money full-time.”

So, here are 5 proven tips I want to share, based on what modern neuroscience has shown (not motivational fluff), that will help you to get even closer to your income goals in less time.

How Our Brains Work Against Us

There’s a meme floating around called “Scumbag Brain” that jokes about how the human brain works against us sometimes instead of doing what we want it to. For example…It’s easy to get motivated, but hard to stay disciplined.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that gritting your teeth and relying on willpower alone is not enough.

Think of the last time you were on an exercise program that did not last. You went to the gym religiously for several weeks…until you caught a cold, or missed a day. Then, it was back to your old habits and behavior again—not to mention feelings of guilt and self-blame (which make it even harder to bounce back).

The key is to avoid self-criticism by understanding how your mind works. We all get lazy or have setbacks. The key is to get back on track again quickly when (not if) it happens.

Schedule 90-120 Minute Time Blocks

The easiest way to get something done is to set a specific time and place to do it, and then show up when the time comes. Otherwise, your goals and plans are not concrete enough, and you can fall into the procrastination trap.

It’s also a fact that people can only stay focused and productive for 90 to 120 minutes at a time, before we need a rest or diversion. It’s impossible to stay ultra-productive all the time. Don’t even bother trying.

Instead, schedule blocks of time when you’ll be doing nothing but working, and when it’s over, STOP. Take a 15-20 minute break, or wrap it up for the day.

Also, treat your scheduled commitment to yourself as seriously as you would your job. Isn’t it just as important?

Prioritize Your Top 5 Items

It helps to list the top 5 tasks to accomplish each day, preferably the night before. Then, when the time comes to work, work on one thing at a time, starting with the most important action item of the day.

When it’s finished, move on to item #2, and so on, until done. Do NOT try to do two things at once! Multi-tasking is a myth and a joke.

It gives people the illusion that they are getting more done, but in reality you lose concentration while switching back and forth between items because it takes time for the mind to get caught up again.

Create an Environment for Focused Work

Your performance is affected the environment you’re in and the tools available to you, positively or negatively. Give your body and mind what they need to perform by setting up your workspace for success.

Before you start, clear out the clutter and remove any potential distractions. Have only one window open on your computer. Get away from email, phone, and social media until your work block is over. You can schedule a separate session for phone calls and email.

I have also found that upbeat music helps me move more quickly, as long as it’s not too distracting (and no vocals—otherwise my mind pays attention to the lyrics).

Take a Fun Break!

Lastly, don’t forget to give yourself the rest you need, in order to have the concentration reserves you need to fuel your work.

So make a point to schedule periods each day for breaks, leisure, and fun as well as working on your business. It’s just as important if you want to be consistent in the long run!

Hopefully you will find these tips to be as helpful as they were for me while growing my own 7-figure income!

Also, if you want to get even more done and make even more money in less time than you can achieve through your own efforts, consider licensing and promoting other people’s info products and sales funnels, rather than creating them all from scratch.

To find out how even brand-new students are making thousands per week with no website, no product, and no list, just by spending 30 minutes per day following a proven method, click here for details.

I’m a Consultant for a business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs,Which offers a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey. Ashok kumar Mudugal

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Guaranteed Success! Does it exist?

Guaranteed Success! Does it exist?

Now, what do I mean by Guaranteed Success?

Let’s say there are three people who don’t know how to swim, but they watch how others are doing it.

The first person thinks it’s very difficult because they tried a few times but couldn’t manage to do it. They think, “I don’t know how to do this! I’m scared, so I’m never going to swim. I won’t even try!”

The second person thinks that swimming is just flapping your arms and legs. “What’s the big deal?” they think. “I can do this straight away!” He jumps in, flaps his arms and legs, and almost drowns before being saved.

The third person has a better attitude about swimming. “If they can do it, I can do it!” He doesn’t jump into the water straight away, but he isn’t shy about it either. He talks to the other people who are swimming and asks how they do it. They tell him that they started swimming in shallow water with the help of a tutor. He tries this, and soon he is able to swim in deep water.

Let’s analyze these three cases.

The first man didn’t even try because he was scared of swimming. The second man was overconfident and almost drowned. The third man, however, discovered that learning how to swim must start in the shallow end, and then he could try swimming in deep water. The third man was the only one out of the three that was successful because he took the right steps.

It isn’t rocket science. Everybody knows instinctively that you need to learn how to do something before you try it. This is simply how it works. The same goes for business. Statistics tells us that 90 percent of start-up businesses fail, and only 10 percent end up succeeding. Who are the 10 percent that make it happen?

Anyone who starts a business wants to earn a lot of money. However, half of these people never even try because their fear failure; very few of them jump into business without knowing what business is. These are the 90 percent of people.

The 10 percent are the ones who bother to learn how business works before starting one. It’s just a matter of asking successful business owners how they found success and what they did to grow their business. Spend time with them. Learn from them. Let them be your mentor.

People tell me, “I’ve tried this business and failed! I spent all of this money, and it was all in vain!” I ask them who they learned about business from. “How did you manage marketing?” I ask them. They don’t have an answer. The process is simple – learn and do simultaneously. That’s how you develop continuity in your learning process.

Learning about business can also be done online; it’s what I did. I write blogs about how business works, but I know these things because I learned about these things myself while starting an online business. I now have more than three businesses! Yes, it takes time to learn. Yes, over time, you learn to scale much faster. The trick is to concentrate more on learning rather than earning.

Why can’t a problem be an adventure?

Why can’t a problem be an adventure?

Why can’t a problem be an adventure?

Just think about it. Have you ever realized that each and every problem is a kind of adventure, one that presents new possibilities and choices? All of life’s adventures begin with a conflict, right?

For example, let’s consider ice skating. Ice skating is an adventurous sport. Those who don’t know how to ice skate see learning how to do it as a problem. Professional ice skaters on the television make it look so easy, but when the average person tries it, it’s soon evident that it’s more difficult than it looks. The learning process will have a lot of falls and sore muscles from hitting the ice.

It takes years to learn the perfect triple lutz, and until you get it right, you’ll probably continue to get hurt. What do most people do in a situation like this? They give up! They don’t want to face the challenges because they already feel like a failure.

The trick to success is learning to think about your failures in another way. The process of falling and failing again and again, picking yourself up each time… isn’t that an adventure? It’s a matter of finding enjoyment and excitement in pain in order to learn an adventurous sport. Each failure brings you closer to success.

A child learning to walk will try again and again until they succeed. For the child, it’s an adventure, so they make it happen. The most enjoyable things in life are filled with adventure.

Let’s say you take on a job or task, one that you’ve never tried before. You’re unsure that you will succeed, but you decide to give it your best. You might fail, but you can try again to find a solution that works. Isn’t this kind of endeavor an adventure as well?

It’s all about perspective. Our endeavors and failures don’t have to be disappointing if we look at them as just another step on the road to success. We should feel excited just thinking about new opportunities that can lead us to amazing places in our lives. If we see a tough problem as an adventure, every problem becomes an opportunity.

We must learn not to fear new problems; instead, we must use them to grow as human beings. Without failure, we won’t grow. Without problems that lead to failure, we won’t grow. You’ll be stranded at the same point in your life for many years to come until you learn to accept failure as a step on the way to your success.

Online business has many elements to it that most people don’t like to deal with. However, it’s necessary to accomplish unsavory tasks and learn about every aspect of it in order to generate ideas. If we look at newfound knowledge as an adventure, it becomes enjoyable to us. Seeking out this knowledge will help us find solutions to the problems we face.

Just imagine the type of person you will become from going through these challenges. If you can turn your problems into adventures, then you are on the path to personal and professional growth.

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