How to include Local SEO in your Marketing Plans?

How to include Local SEO in your Marketing Plans?

As an online entrepreneur, your major marketing plan are always focused on global market or regional market. But we always forget about local market which can help to gain new customer and increase sales.

There are numerous benefits of local market marketing, you can increase the possibility of getting more clients in that particular region, helps in increase worked of mouth advertising and also helps you with competition, ultimately gives you increase in sales.

Following are few methods by which you target local market using SEO.

 Find the market which are likely to use your product.

First of all, your aim is to find local markets which are likely to use your products and services. By using google trends you can find out which region is in search for products and service your offering.

You can also perform keyword search as you do for any webpage and find out most popular terms. This gives you overall picture of which market you would target.

Make a Landing page which is location specific.

To target a local market, determine the local market then you should optimise the existing landing page or creates one which is location or region specific and also you can customise totally to the local market.

You have also optimise the content for the local audience. Work with relevant keyword phrases for your content. Always Be careful while using keywords, it should not affect readability of the content.

It is good to add location specific keywords phrases to headline or sub headlines and also can make effort to add to SEO description and title of landing page.

Local ad campaign

Next important step is to advertise online using local advertise channels or even you can setup ppc ads targeting campaign to local market and cost of ppc is also less than, if you target to the whole country. Same applies to all different find of social media ads.

Give special Promotion Offer to Local Market.

By providing offer or special promotional offer in your ads and marketing content, create an emotional engagement with the customers and shows the customers that you care about them.

When customers are convinced that is offer is for local market, chance of conversion rate is more. And also always create a sense of urgency in the offers. So that customers should know they have to act asap to receive this special promotion offer.

 Track and monitor the result and Local traffic.

Once these above methods are implemented most important things to monitor the local traffic and results. Evaluate the marketing cost and return on investment. And also see if you are getting good result with these marketing methods.

Don’t always try to sell or promote products on global market because your products can be bought from anywhere in the world. You can easily reach the local market costumers with the same product and achieve better conversions. Start targeting a local audience. Get ranked higher in local search results and boost your sales.

How to Increase the Legitimacy of Your Website?

How to Increase the Legitimacy of Your Website?

Question to ask, would you like to buy something from a website you have never heard of? obviously answer would be No. So you can’t expect other people to buy stuff from your website without proving your authenticity of your business. Isn’t that simple.You just need to add few basic information on to your website. This will build up the trust of the visitors. And also helps to increase your SEO.

So how does it all work, Google and other search engine hire assurance testers. They visit the website that appears on search results. They rate the authority of website based on relevance of webpage to the search query.

You have to take of care of the criteria that these testers use. By doing this you can ensure that your website appears authentic and legal.

Add contact Information Testers mainly look for contact information details to judge the authenticity of your website. And if they are not able to find contact details then they assume that you are trying to hide something.

Always make sure that your phone number or email address are added on any page of your site. Best way to do is to add contact information in the footer of your website. Or else you can have separate contact information page with all the contact details, as long as it appears on main menu of your website.

Adding an address on your website This is up to individual, if you want to add address to your website or not. Actually there is less need of address, unless and until you have your physical office. If you are working or operating from home, you can avoid adding address to your website. But this can limit the authenticity of your website though. To make this up, you can purchase PO box number to local post office.

Avoid too much of advertisement.Next important step is to avoid too much of advertisements. This is also an important criterion for testers when they review the website. You should only have one advertisement on top third area of the website. Top third area is standard visible area in desktop and laptops before scrolling down. Either put ads above header or to your sidebar not both. You can even put additional ads further down the page but not near the top of the website as one ad is more than enough at the top.

 Fix all the Broken Links You should regularly check If you have any broken links. Because if you have lot of pages and you often delete, move pages and make changes to your website, link tends to break. And it will have bad impact on visitors and leave, if they see 404 error on your website

Always Proof read Content  As a last step, you should always proof read the content and clear all the spelling and grammar mistakes. A reader sometimes overlooks occasional error here and there. But if they notice error in every line or paragraph it will be hard for them to go through your content.

You can use these tips to increase the legitimacy of your website by meeting all the specific criteria, which will help you to get traffic and income. Ultimately show the visitors your authenticity of your business..

How to create personalized experience to Increase Conversions?

How to create personalized experience to Increase Conversions?

Experience of the customer on your website will have major impact on our conversions rates.  I.e. website is more effective this way than the fact that it loads quickly and easy to navigate. So attention needs to be paid for overall user experience.Let’s find out how to create a personalised experience to increase conversion rates.

Examples of Personalized Experience

When you improve your user experience on website, customer tends to come back. Which helps to increase the conversions rates. Here are few ways I think would improve the user experience.

  • Analyse your website traffic.
  • Create a localised experience.
  • Creating a sign-in option
  • Personalised email marketing
  • Include personalised ad
  • Personalised direct messages.

Analyse Your Website Traffic

First of all, analyse your website traffic and know what exactly the visitors are looking for. Try to pay attention to page which have more number of hits.With analytics software you can find out the beneficial information like demographics, age, gender and location of the visitors. Using this information, you can tailor according to preference of the visitors and demographics. Like If you targeting older generation you don’t want flashy graphics and if you are targeting young people you don’t mind flashy graphics can also take advantage of video and social media.

Create a Localized Experience

After Analysing the information, you can get on with personalisation steps i.e. localise the user experience. This means including the information or content for the people of specific region.

Create a Sign-in Option

This is another way of personalisation, by allowing visitors to be a member and sign into the website.   Like Creating a different colour layout of dashboard for the basic members.You can combine this sign option with other programs like membership plans rewards programs etc. This will enable the customers to view orders, track progress or use the other products and services.

Include Personalized Ad

Based on the browsing habits of the people and age group visiting your website, you can place ads of amazon or affiliates ads.For example, after browsing amazon products if they visit your website they will get recommended products based on their recent browsing activities.

Personalized Direct Messages

Whenever you send a direct message to user or members on Facebook or any other social media site, always remember to include their names in you messages. Never create generic auto response to send messages instead type a quick message.

If you want to type a detailed message you could copy paste the important information and hand type intro or ending messages.These Small steps can make difference when it comes overall user experience of your and website buying your products and services.Basic aim of personalising user experience to make visitors more comfortable and fell at home when they on your site. This can also build trust to help to gain traffic.

How to write attention-grabbing headlines?

How to write attention-grabbing headlines?

We all know that attention-grabbing headlines are very useful for our marketing strategy, especially when it comes to increasing conversion, be it any form. Email marketing or content marketing – only this decides what you should expect from the content.

So the question is… do you have to be professional to write catchy, attention-grabbing headlines? Not really! Any one of you can write great text for emails, blog posts and landing pages. Let me give you a few examples on how to go about it.

Summarize your content The first step to writing an attention-grabbing headline is to just write a sentence which summarizes the main point of the content. Don’t worry about phrasing it correctly. Then, improvise the sentences to fit into a single line. For example, this article is about how to write attention-grabbing headlines, but this might not be as effective as how a professional would have done the job. You can polish it if you need to make it better.

Use numbers in headlines Whenever possible, use a number in your headline. This can be applied to any headline for emails, blog posts or marketing campaigns. Numbers are always effective because they create a focal point in your headline. If you are providing tips or a list in your content, always consider using numbers in your headlines. For example, if you are writing about a certain number of ways to do “X”, then try to add that number to the original headline you have created.

Include adjectives Adjectives are powerful descriptors. Try to include adjectives in your headlines that will help to inspire your readers and grab their attention. Just to give a few examples, here are some adjectives that work well in headlines:

Excellent, effective, fantastic, important, essential, valuable, simple, etc.

Keep the headline short This step is very important. Google has done research on headline lengths and recommends around 70 characters. While character count is vital, you should also keep in mind what words you’re using. Your headline in emails and blogs can be used as your title as well. Studies suggest that a title with 10 to 12 words performs well, but you can go as low as 8 and as high as 14. However, it’s best to stick with the recommended 10 to 12.

Use a focus keyword Using the Google AdWords planner tool is a good idea to find the focus words (keywords) that will enhance your content. If you make sure to include a focus keyword in the heading, well, it’s good! Try to read the headlines as if you were the reader and see if they grab your attention.

You can use these ideas to write any type of headline and improve your conversion for landing pages, blog posts or click rates. With these tips, you can create a list of a few headlines and see which one is best among those by doing the A/B split testing; this will help you find out the effectiveness of your headlines so that you can narrow your choices down. Now, go through older blogs and landing pages and see if you can work on a previous headline with these ideas.

How To Reuse Existing Content?

How To Reuse Existing Content?

For people who are regularly spending money on content for their blog posts, it is understandable how frustrating it can be to see your content come and go. Outdated or irrelevant content is no longer of any value to your website, and blog posts from months or years ago are no longer read. If you get stressed when some of your good content goes unnoticed, don’t worry. There’s still hope!

Content can be reused in new and different ways. However, a lot of entrepreneurs go about reusing content the wrong way and get penalised, which decreases their ranking in search engines. So, how can we reuse content without getting punished like others have? The truth is that you can republish the content as long as you do it the right way. Here’s how to do it.

 If you want to publish duplicate content, it is very important for you to let search engines know by including a canonical URL. Canonical URLs are used for news aggregator websites and syndication of articles (these are only a couple examples). It’s a big business.

If a search engine finds that these news sites are using syndicated content, it has to punish all sites doing the same thing. This would mean that the news would have trouble staying at the top of the search engine’s ranking. The solution to this problem is the canonical URL. The code would look something like this:

<link rel=“canonical” href=“” />

By adding a canonical link, search engines know the content they are crawling is a duplicate of another URL. This link has to be placed in every piece of content you are republishing, either at the very beginning or the very end. One more thing: it is important that you don’t edit the content that you are reusing. Yes, you can get .rid of any grammatical errors you may find, but don’t edit the content itself, otherwise the search engine will still count the pages and posts as separate.

Never use your canonical link as a form of black hat SEO. It should only ever be used in the proper context. If you don’t follow this rule, you could end up causing more damage than good with your canonical URL, thus defeating its purpose. As I said, you should use the actual link either at the beginning or the end of duplicate content (the URL will link back to the original content). This becomes beneficial if you are syndicating your content to use on other sites. Every time you publish, you are adding another backlink.

I think republishing is a better way to get more value out of the content that you pay for if you have a tight marketing budget per month. Rather than letting your content go to waste, consider using canonical URLs to republish them.

You can republish content to a different website tht you own, or you can allow other websites to republish your content by using the provided canonical URL link. If you have old content that you would like to republish, make sure that you’re going about it the right way.

How To Make Mobile Marketing Effective ?

How To Make Mobile Marketing Effective ?

How to make mobile marketing effective and why?

In recent past over 50 percent of the google searches are made from smart phone or tablets, so we have to have mobile marketing strategy otherwise you may not reach the as many as users you would like to.People think the mobile marketing is just about creating responsive web designs. It has more to it than that. There are few steps which will enhance your mobile strategy.

Improve Your Local Search Optimization: First and most important point search optimisation. Google always tries to include geographical relevant result to anybody searches. Google prioritises the results on based on locations when any mobile preforms a search. If you operate local business this is must you have to include business names, address phone number etc. along with it you can geotag your webpages you can make use of online tools that can automate submission to local directories.

Optimize Your Page Speed: Next important step would be optimise speed of the page, most of mobile  users will not have high speed internet, if you have big sites it will take long time to load, so need to have fast loading page. If your site takes long time then they will go on to another site. People won’t wait for any site to load for long, majority of people only wait 6 to 10 sec for page to load. Use speed test to determine how long takes to open. See if it crosses 10 sec test barrier. To improvise more you can trim the website or removing certain feature as well.

Don’t Block Scripts or CSS: Because of the advances in technology nowadays we don’t have problem in running JavaScript on mobile device all the smart phone and tablets can load java script and other files. This was problem before because mobile devices were not capable of JavaScript. Hence limiting the SEO on mobile device in search results.

Pay Attention to Your Analytics: Analytics are most important thing. When you use Google Analytics and other services to monitor website traffic, and also the behaviour of your mobile and desktop users. Compare the bounce rate of mobile user and desktop users. By doing do so you can understand if your site is takin to load or mobile users having trouble in accessing the website or else you have problem in call to action button.

Whenever a strategy seems ineffective, it is important to take a fresh look at the steps that you’re taking. These aren’t the only steps that you should take to improve your mobile marketing efforts. But, they’re a good start.

If you find any strategy seems ineffective, it very important have different look or fresh look at it. You can also improvise the mobile marketing strategy according to behaviours of the users.

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