Improve Your Email Marketing with a Marketing Funnel

Improve Your Email Marketing with a Marketing Funnel

Improve Your Email Marketing with a Marketing Funnel

What is a Marketing Funnel?

The idea of a funnel is used to illustrate the process a potential client goes through as they become familiar with your products or services.

Visually, clients enter the funnel at the widest part, the top, then proceed to descend, stage by stage, leaving at the level they lose interest.  What you end up with at the bottom are the final few who have purchased and love your product or service.  These are the clients that will keep coming back

Your goal is to raise the number of potential clients that enter the top and lower the number that loses interest at each stage.

To accomplish this, you will need to have a conversion tactic for each stage.

There are a few different Funnel maps out there that vary in their vocabulary but each basically means the same thing, for the sake of this article, we’ll go with the following terms:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy

Using Email Marketing to Get a Client All the Way to the Bottom

Now that you understand how a marketing funnel works, let’s discuss email marketing plans for each.


The top of your marketing funnel is awareness.  This is when the potential client finds out you exist but doesn’t know anything about your product yet. At this level, you should start showing them the value of your product or service.  This can be done with free informative content, such as a free eBook on product related subjects.


At this level, potential clients are starting to show an interest in your company and products and want to know more.

You also know more about the client, which allows you to send them more targeted content that can relate how your product or services can help them.  This email could include specific items that you believe will be beneficial to them and even include an invitation to a free consultation or demonstration.


Now you potential client is aware of the value of your product or service and it’s time for them to decide if they are ready to purchase.

Here, you start communicating to the client why your product and service is better than your competitors’ and perfect for them.


OK, you’ve made the sale, your potential client has graduated to the title of actual client.  Your work is not over, however, not even close.

Now you need to implement your plans to keep them.

Repeat and long term clients are a wonderful asset for any business. Help keep these valuable assets by continually engaging them with fun and useful content such as educational emails related to upcoming products or surveys asking them their opinions on potential changes coming. Make them feel like their opinion really matters to you.


Advocacy happens when your clients turn into your biggest fans.

They’ve probably purchased or used your services several times because they adore you. The best part?  They start telling everyone about your and how great your products or services are!

Word of mouth, still the best way to gain more potential clients that will stick.

Now, as you start to recognise these special clients, you can start sending them special requests like emails asking them to refer you to their friends. You could even create a version of your initial email sent to the Awareness level that they can forward to friends and family they think would most benefit from your products or services.

Now you have the information you need to plan your own email campaign and begin to channel your potential clients all the way to being actual clients.

By developing your email strategy with the marketing funnel in mind, you’ll convert more prospects into customers and more customers into fans, which means more money for your business. Yay!

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I’m a Consultant for a business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs,Which offers a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey. Ashok kumar Mudugal

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4 Ways to Use Social Media to Obtain Converting Leads

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Obtain Converting Leads

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Obtain Converting Leads

Obtaining high converting lead is most essential part of online or internet marketing. There are many tools to accomplish this but one of most cost effective are social media which we all know it.

Social media can enable millions of people to buy the products you offer without you shelling money on it.

You would probably already have started using social media. But my few tips can help you to leverage your own tactics to gain more high converting leads.

1) Choose the Right Social Media platform,

Stream lining your effort is most important, to gain better leads though social media. You don’t need to have account on every social media platform don’t spread yourself out too thin.

Every online entrepreneur needs to have Facebook account. In addition to that can have twitter and other one or two platform, always stick to basics.

Consider your target audience when it comes to choosing 3rd or 4th options. For example, Pinterest are more of content related, crafts, fashion, beauty and entertainment. Instagram is becoming more of brand promoting platform.

2) Target Audience with Paid Ads

Social media paid ads is better than traditional pay per click ads. You get many impressions and click compare to amount to spend on google ppc ads.

Always use target ads when use paid ads on Facebook twitter or Instagram. All social media platform allows to use targeted ads based on the interest of the person and criteria. this simple steps helps to boost the conversion.

3) Share Video info on Social Media

Another best idea is to share more video on social media which drives engagement and also result increase in conversion rate. When share post related to products and service add video to it.

In posts and tweets if you have more and more video, it is likely to get noticed they get more likes and shares. Video can also be shared in Instagram but length of video should not be more than 60 sec.

With creating marketing video, you can also create a short video of testimonials of satisfied customers. Your can also create some demonstration video highlighting pros and benefits of products and services.

Use these video to drive traffic to you landing page, High engagement means higher conversion.

4) Use Keyword Research for Tags

You choose the tag carefully on your social media posts that you give to keyword research for blog and paid ads. Do research to find right words which is reveals to the post and use as hashtags

Always place hashtags at the end of the content instead of word replacement and this makes it easier to read your message.

People use hashtag to search feature on their social media platform, it acts as search filters. Using right hashtags helps to attract right audience.

These ideas will help to drive converting traffic from social media account to your website. Make sure you use these suggestions with your social media marketing plan.

You should be posting a mixture of promotional and non-promotional messages to your followers on social media. If you do this and continue to use these tips, you should get a spike in referral traffic from social media.

Your posting should be mixture of non-promotional and promotional posts to your followers in social media. If you do these in regular basis it would spike the referral traffic from social media.

Social media provides a great opportunity to gain more lead.

I’m a Consultant for a business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs,Which offers a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey.

Ashok kumar Mudugal

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How to Repurpose Your Content in a legal way?

How to Repurpose Your Content in a legal way?

In online marketing it requires time and energy to create content. If you are outsourcing to create content, you may require money to do so. Worst part is if the blog what you made some time ago that became old and doesn’t help you to bring traffic to your website.

Let me tell one thing, you can reuse the content in different ways so that you are not penalised by search engines. This includes:

Add new facts to your content

Change the format of the content

Convert our present list to various posts

Use a Combination of These Tips

Add new facts to your content

Fastest solution is to take out the old content which hardly fetch you any traffic and update with new information and facts which is relevant to this point of time.

Always keep in mind when you update your post add on to bottom of the post. So that people would know that you have update the older post. This would depict your honesty in all aspects of marketing.

So question is what to add? It can be anything new information or facts about the post, you just have make sure your information is relevant today’s world. If your information is no longer relevant today, then changes what you making doesn’t make any sense.

Change the format or compile the content

Changing the format means they should have similar kind of themes not exact same topic we had earlier. Try to compile the themes and content in new format

You can create an eBook depending upon how many post you have or else can expand the post. In   eBook you can create each posts as a chapter and add introduction and conclusion to the eBook. After creating eBook publish them on online publishing site or amazon or offer from your landing pages.

There is another option If you don’t want to compile or convert posts into new format. You can take old post create a short video using the content of the video. If not video you can also create podcast or infographics. You can decide yourself which format to go for or best suites you.

Convert our present list in the post to various posts

For example, you have an article or post which has for various tips. You can convert each and every tips into article of its own create a new post on its own. Say you have 10 tips then you can create 10 separate article of 10 tips.

Use a Combination of These Tips

you can combine all the tips or methods of using old post by create video on some tips or cerate eBook with using all of post or else you can create new post out of one of the tips from any of your own post. There are many possibilities you can play with.

But the bottom-line is just because post are old doesn’t mean that it should go waste. It can be used again in better way by reusing it and get more out of it.

How to Use Metadata to Increase Your Search Ranking?

How to Use Metadata to Increase Your Search Ranking?

Everybody knows that there are many components to search engine optimisation. Main focus is always on internal links, site structure, mobile optimisation, building backlinks and keyword search, there are other factor that needs attention too, that is metadata which his integral part of SEO as well.

Now what is metadata? i.e. data which refers to other data. Web page metadata helps search engine determines what types of contents are there is webpage most important ones are Title, description and structured data.

 Web Page Title and Description

Metadata is set to grab attention to title and description of your webpage.  If you don’t specify the metadata search engine pick up the first link of the article of your web page.

Always write attention grabbing title which helps people to pay attention and then search engine. Here you can use same technique as you use for creating effective headlines for landing pages.

In description don’t copy the title itself, provide more details about the article or content of your webpage.

Target keyword should be included in title and description.

Make sure you use the target keyword in to the title and description. but don’t over use in description, no more than 2 times.

Make title easy to read and understand. always remain within the limit which is set by google. Description should be between 150 and 160 characters and title should be less 65 characters.

Find and Include structure data on your web pages

There is increase in structured data off late. So internet marketers are using structured data which helps to improve the way search engines read the content. Because of this you can add additional information which in turn optimise of search results.

Try to use several types of structured data mark up. One that uses more structured data is promoted and highlighted by is open community which help to increase the use of structured data on web pages.

By using structured data, you can describe your webpages as blog post, a product page, a business directory or any other type niche based page. And also identify author of page, name of business beneficial details like contact information.

Test of Structured Data.

To find the structured data, go to website you will find the instructions about data on your webpages all the list of recognised data. Structured data can be used using plugin.If you are building a website or If you are well verse with html and php of webpage, you can add directly as well.

For testing you can us google webmaster any other online tools after adding structured data to webpages. This tools will help find whether or not search engine will find your structured data which you have added to webpages.

Optimal use of structured data is very useful to increase the search ranking. There are plenty of online resources where you get step by step process of implementation.


How to include Local SEO in your Marketing Plans?

How to include Local SEO in your Marketing Plans?

As an online entrepreneur, your major marketing plan are always focused on global market or regional market. But we always forget about local market which can help to gain new customer and increase sales.

There are numerous benefits of local market marketing, you can increase the possibility of getting more clients in that particular region, helps in increase worked of mouth advertising and also helps you with competition, ultimately gives you increase in sales.

Following are few methods by which you target local market using SEO.

 Find the market which are likely to use your product.

First of all, your aim is to find local markets which are likely to use your products and services. By using google trends you can find out which region is in search for products and service your offering.

You can also perform keyword search as you do for any webpage and find out most popular terms. This gives you overall picture of which market you would target.

Make a Landing page which is location specific.

To target a local market, determine the local market then you should optimise the existing landing page or creates one which is location or region specific and also you can customise totally to the local market.

You have also optimise the content for the local audience. Work with relevant keyword phrases for your content. Always Be careful while using keywords, it should not affect readability of the content.

It is good to add location specific keywords phrases to headline or sub headlines and also can make effort to add to SEO description and title of landing page.

Local ad campaign

Next important step is to advertise online using local advertise channels or even you can setup ppc ads targeting campaign to local market and cost of ppc is also less than, if you target to the whole country. Same applies to all different find of social media ads.

Give special Promotion Offer to Local Market.

By providing offer or special promotional offer in your ads and marketing content, create an emotional engagement with the customers and shows the customers that you care about them.

When customers are convinced that is offer is for local market, chance of conversion rate is more. And also always create a sense of urgency in the offers. So that customers should know they have to act asap to receive this special promotion offer.

 Track and monitor the result and Local traffic.

Once these above methods are implemented most important things to monitor the local traffic and results. Evaluate the marketing cost and return on investment. And also see if you are getting good result with these marketing methods.

Don’t always try to sell or promote products on global market because your products can be bought from anywhere in the world. You can easily reach the local market costumers with the same product and achieve better conversions. Start targeting a local audience. Get ranked higher in local search results and boost your sales.

How to Increase the Legitimacy of Your Website?

How to Increase the Legitimacy of Your Website?

Question to ask, would you like to buy something from a website you have never heard of? obviously answer would be No. So you can’t expect other people to buy stuff from your website without proving your authenticity of your business. Isn’t that simple.You just need to add few basic information on to your website. This will build up the trust of the visitors. And also helps to increase your SEO.

So how does it all work, Google and other search engine hire assurance testers. They visit the website that appears on search results. They rate the authority of website based on relevance of webpage to the search query.

You have to take of care of the criteria that these testers use. By doing this you can ensure that your website appears authentic and legal.

Add contact Information Testers mainly look for contact information details to judge the authenticity of your website. And if they are not able to find contact details then they assume that you are trying to hide something.

Always make sure that your phone number or email address are added on any page of your site. Best way to do is to add contact information in the footer of your website. Or else you can have separate contact information page with all the contact details, as long as it appears on main menu of your website.

Adding an address on your website This is up to individual, if you want to add address to your website or not. Actually there is less need of address, unless and until you have your physical office. If you are working or operating from home, you can avoid adding address to your website. But this can limit the authenticity of your website though. To make this up, you can purchase PO box number to local post office.

Avoid too much of advertisement.Next important step is to avoid too much of advertisements. This is also an important criterion for testers when they review the website. You should only have one advertisement on top third area of the website. Top third area is standard visible area in desktop and laptops before scrolling down. Either put ads above header or to your sidebar not both. You can even put additional ads further down the page but not near the top of the website as one ad is more than enough at the top.

 Fix all the Broken Links You should regularly check If you have any broken links. Because if you have lot of pages and you often delete, move pages and make changes to your website, link tends to break. And it will have bad impact on visitors and leave, if they see 404 error on your website

Always Proof read Content  As a last step, you should always proof read the content and clear all the spelling and grammar mistakes. A reader sometimes overlooks occasional error here and there. But if they notice error in every line or paragraph it will be hard for them to go through your content.

You can use these tips to increase the legitimacy of your website by meeting all the specific criteria, which will help you to get traffic and income. Ultimately show the visitors your authenticity of your business..

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