What Is The Right Action?

What Is The Right Action?

What is the right action? How do we know the things we’re doing are right or wrong? If you’re in a situation, and you take a particular step, how do you know whatever you’re doing is right?

It depends on the situation, so let’s discuss what we’re doing exactly in a real scenario. How do we know what decision to make? Let’s analyse it.

Say that you’ve come into a situation or encountered a problem. In that situation, what is the right action to take? We have lots of choices; to act or not to act? Should we act this way or that way?

Now the question is: on what basis should a person take action? You’ll act based on your prior knowledge, your memory, and your understanding of that particular situation at that point in time. You can’t act out what you don’t know. You couldn’t act out the unknown even if you wanted to because you need knowledge and experience.

Until you understand the situation, you won’t act. Your understanding may be right or wrong – that doesn’t matter. The point is that it’s not hard to figure out that your knowledge and past experience are right. Even though your mind will work according to your previous experiences, you have to make sure you get the facts of your current situation and understand the truth behind it because every situation/problem is different, even if it seems familiar to one you’ve encountered before.

Your decision should be based on reality, not based on illusion or theory. You should only base it on practical reality. Reality is that which can be verified and tested again and again. In other words, it must be proven fact. When all of our decisions are based on reality and fact, there aren’t any problems.

Say, for example, that you have to learn driving. You know all the rules and regulations that clearly outline the process to follow to be a better driver. It’s a proven way to learn. You can’t say that you’ll drive on the wrong side. Obviously, you’ll get into an accident.

Now on the basis of reality, let’s assume you analyse the situation and make a decision you think is right, but the outcome ends up being wrong. You’d be left saying “I’ve done everything I can to make the right decision! How come it went wrong?”

That’s what the law of nature is; the outcome is out of our hands. Again, you have to once again analyse the situation on a factual basis because the situation has changed, and just like last time, you’re hoping for the right outcome.

The definition of the “right action” changes every moment. The situation changes every moment. The challenge in business is that you never know if what you’re doing is right or wrong. Only doing it matters, and doing it based on reality. When there’s no conflict with yourself and your surroundings, that means you’re taking the right action.

The right understanding inevitably leads to the right action.

Just Sell it!

Just Sell it!

The one skill you want to develop as an entrepreneur is salesmanship!

My affiliaites who are starting online businesses are always focusing on business cards, logo design and creating a blog, along with other things along those lines. Yes, of course these are important, but the most important skill you need to develop is the art of selling.

Selling makes most people uncomfortable. This can either be from lack of experience or difficulty being direct in interactions with customers. Some people don’t have strong communication skills; this leads them to overwork on other tasks like website development. They wonder why they aren’t getting any sales.

Ultimately, selling is what will bring you sales. It’s pretty simple.

Being a good salesperson isn’t a bad thing, though some people think it is. Let me give you an example.

When we go to a professional job interview, what we are doing is selling ourselves. We learn how to be good at this, and we demonstrate what we have to offer if we’re hired for the position. You’re selling yourself to the person who is showing interest in you as an employee. You are both the product and the salesperson in this respect. It’s up to you to showcase your abilities and sell yourself to any interested party.

Even in online business, you have to do the same thing. If you try to sell your products to people who aren’t even interested in you, who don’t appreciate your knowledge, they’re never going to go for it. The rule of thumb is to find people who are interested in your products and what you have to say about them. This is called targeted traffic. The problem starts when you have to convert those who aren’t interested.

Selling to someone who wants to buy your product is a breeze, so concentrate your efforts on them. In my businesses, I target people who show interest and direct them to my affiliate sales team, all of whom are specialists in salesmanship. That’s how I convert traffic into sales. When I give group seminars for interested parties, it’s easy to explain what I do and get a few sales from people who were on the fence about buying. I’ve converted people who weren’t interested before into paying customers.

As entrepreneurs, we need to get over the fear of being rejected. You need to become an authoritative figure with the confidence of an experienced business owner. It takes some practice; if you find that you still can’t do it, direct customers to your sales team. After all, they’re the experts in selling. However, the ability to sell on your own is the most valuable skill you will ever have as an entrepreneur, so give it all you’ve got.

Steve Jobs is a prime example of someone who knows how to sell. He launched a line of products that buyers were interested in, and customers’ demands led him to constantly improve these products. No matter what business you’re starting, it will be an uphill climb. If it was easy to get to the top, everyone would be there. Accept that you will be rejected, that there will be hurdles along the way. No matter what is thrown at you, if you stay resilient and learn from your mistakes, you’ll have a greater chance at success.

Why should we attend seminars and masterminds?

Why should we attend seminars and masterminds?

Attending seminars and seeing motivational speakers at any event is a great pastime of mine. Learning from many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs is an opportunity that I like to take advantage of. I find that learning and expanding my horizons personally is a much better investment than buying a bunch of materials items to try and impress people. If you are trying to get ahead in life and start your own business, or just succeed in your career, it would be wise to capitalize on these kinds of seminars.

Investing in yourself and learning from like-minded people can give you the perspective you lacked previously. Their lessons and stories can fuel your passion and ignite your motivation to get out and improve your life. Because these people have walked the walk, and achieved greater success than you have there’s always something to learn from attending these seminars.

Power of association is something you’ve heard of no doubt, but you should never doubt what it can do for your life. The people around you can change, shape and mold your outlook; for better or for worse. If you are around the wrong crowd it can drag down your potential and limit your chances at succeeding. The most difficult part of this equation is figuring out that your circle needs to change.

Once you’ve made this decision, you have to leave your circle of friends and find those who can make you a better person. One of the best ways to do this is to connect to coach or mentor in your field or industry. These mentors can provide invaluable advice and tips because they have already achieved success.

Not just for entrepreneurs or business owners either, because many of these successful people started out at the bottom. Being able to capitalize on your position and realize just how powerful your potential is the beginning of making your dreams come true.

Any truly successful person will tell you it’s more than being smart and in the right situation. So much of your success is determined by your attitude and dedication. These are factors that you can augment and improve by attending seminars and speeches built to motivate you. Finding the right people and surrounding yourself with these people can be the missing link in your professional life.

So the next time you are thinking about buying that expensive new TV or putting a down payment on a car, think about investing in yourself first. It’s a good chance to reach a return on your investment, and actually get something out of what you put in. Putting in the work, time and money into yourself can be the smartest investment you will ever make.  Make the step to improving your life and advancing your career by attending meetings and seminars in your area.

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