What Is The Right Action?

What Is The Right Action?

What is the right action? How do we know the things we’re doing are right or wrong? If you’re in a situation, and you take a particular step, how do you know whatever you’re doing is right?

It depends on the situation, so let’s discuss what we’re doing exactly in a real scenario. How do we know what decision to make? Let’s analyse it.

Say that you’ve come into a situation or encountered a problem. In that situation, what is the right action to take? We have lots of choices; to act or not to act? Should we act this way or that way?

Now the question is: on what basis should a person take action? You’ll act based on your prior knowledge, your memory, and your understanding of that particular situation at that point in time. You can’t act out what you don’t know. You couldn’t act out the unknown even if you wanted to because you need knowledge and experience.

Until you understand the situation, you won’t act. Your understanding may be right or wrong – that doesn’t matter. The point is that it’s not hard to figure out that your knowledge and past experience are right. Even though your mind will work according to your previous experiences, you have to make sure you get the facts of your current situation and understand the truth behind it because every situation/problem is different, even if it seems familiar to one you’ve encountered before.

Your decision should be based on reality, not based on illusion or theory. You should only base it on practical reality. Reality is that which can be verified and tested again and again. In other words, it must be proven fact. When all of our decisions are based on reality and fact, there aren’t any problems.

Say, for example, that you have to learn driving. You know all the rules and regulations that clearly outline the process to follow to be a better driver. It’s a proven way to learn. You can’t say that you’ll drive on the wrong side. Obviously, you’ll get into an accident.

Now on the basis of reality, let’s assume you analyse the situation and make a decision you think is right, but the outcome ends up being wrong. You’d be left saying “I’ve done everything I can to make the right decision! How come it went wrong?”

That’s what the law of nature is; the outcome is out of our hands. Again, you have to once again analyse the situation on a factual basis because the situation has changed, and just like last time, you’re hoping for the right outcome.

The definition of the “right action” changes every moment. The situation changes every moment. The challenge in business is that you never know if what you’re doing is right or wrong. Only doing it matters, and doing it based on reality. When there’s no conflict with yourself and your surroundings, that means you’re taking the right action.

The right understanding inevitably leads to the right action.

Brainwash yourself to make it happen!

Brainwash yourself to make it happen!

If you want to succeed, you must brainwash yourself to make it happen!

Brainwash yourself? What could I possibly mean by saying that?

It’s difficult with any business or job to find time to make your dreams happen, but with a little bit of effort, the compound effect will get you results over time. Motivation is easier to create when you’re working on a short term project that will have an immediate result. You can energize yourself knowing that you’ve only got a little ways to go, but when it comes to long term goals, we tend to lose interest.

Am I making sense now? I think I am.

The only way to keep your motivation going is to brainwash yourself on a regular basis. If you’ve read any self-development books, you’ll notice that these authors tell you to read at least ten pages every day. This is so you can brainwash yourself in order to keep going with the task you have taken on. It’s like dirty water in a glass. We have to keep the tap running into it to get the dirty water out so that we can fill it with fresh water.

We see what’s on the world news every day and notice how bad everything seems. We end up feeling that everything in the world is rubbish. There’s a sense of frustration that builds in us toward other people. Where does this lead you? These are all things we can’t do anything about. Even then, we feel bad about it. These things aren’t going to help us reach goals in our lives. If we allow negative things into our mind, we can’t generate any ideas. We are diverted from our main goal.

We need to give ourselves a daily dose of good and positive things instead of the bad. This is what I mean by brainwashing ourselves. Just as our body needs cleansing on a daily basis, our brain also needs to be washed free of all the dirty, negative stuff. It’s necessary to get on with our dreams and focus on the positive. We do many things for our body to help us look presentable; in the same way, what we do for our brain will help us regain control of our mind and body. Is it really that important? You decide.

We are the ones who make our minds dirty, so who’s responsible for cleaning it? Us! Forget about cleaning the things around us. Let’s clean ourselves. Let’s brainwash ourselves to reach our goals and build a better future. Talk about the good stuff, not the bad! You won’t be able to completely erase the bad, but how you handle it is what will help you be successful and have a more positive view on things. Every problem has a solution.

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