Popular Blogs’ Traffic Flow

Popular Blogs’ Traffic Flow

Popular Blogs’ Traffic Flow

Generating traffic is an important consideration for anyone that owns a website.  There are a few different ways to do this, but guest blogging is one of the best.

Writing a guest post for another website is a wonderful way to tap into an existing stream of visitors.  Since you can include a link to your own site, it’s also a great way to build up backlinks which improve your ranking in search engines.

Finding blogs to post on

 If you’re interested in guest blogging, then you need to find blogs to post on.  The ideal blog is one which is relevant to your own site (but much bigger).

Many guest bloggers prefer to stay within their chosen niche.  If they run a blog about internet marketing, for example, they will want to post on other internet marketing blogs. Just make sure you’re not a direct competitor of theirs, but are offering a complementary topic or offer.

The best way to find these blogs is to simply use Google, type in your niche, and add the word “blog” to it.  This should bring up a list of relevant blogs.

The next step is to look through these and pick out the blogs that are high quality, active, and that update regularly.  You want to post on an active and popular blog so your post gets the most attention possible.

See if they allow guest posts

 Now that you have a list of relevant and popular blogs, you’ll need to determine if they allow guest posting.

You can do this by reading through some of the articles posted on the site.  At the end of the article, you might find a short bio about the person who wrote it.

You should also find a link to their own website, if they’re not a regular writer for that blog and were posting as a guest. If you see this, you’ll know that blog allows guest posting and is more worthwhile to contact.

Reach out to see if they do

 People are protective of their blogs.  Some blog owners will be very selective about the guest bloggers they accept.  They want to make sure the writers are reputable, knowledgeable, and safe for their own readers.

It’s always a good idea to contact the owner of the blog and let them know you’re interested.  Tell them a bit about yourself, your website, and what you would be writing about.  A good personal connection can go a long way.

Write an article, include a link

 If you get accepted as a guest blogger, it’s time to write the article.  You can either write it yourself or hire a writer.  Most blog articles are about 500 words in length, so keep this in mind as you write.  It can also be a good idea to include subheadings to help separate information, and an image.

Just make sure it’s relevant to the topic and try to make it match the other articles on the blog.  Also, don’t forget to include a link back to your site, along with a short bio and call to action telling them to go to your website (if allowed).  That’s the whole point of this so never forget the link.

If contacting bloggers or writing regular posts sounds just a bit too complicated or time-consuming, here’s something else you may want to try. My “21 simple steps to making your first $1,200 online,“ even if you have no computer skills whatsoever may be perfect for you.

I’m a Consultant for a business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs,Which offers a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey. Ashok kumar Mudugal

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Stop Doing Outdated SEO Practices!

Stop Doing Outdated SEO Practices!

Stop Doing Outdated SEO Practices!

Strategy of search engine optimisation is constantly changing in digital marketing world how you adapt to the change in digital marketing is the difference between good online presence or the great one.

SEO practice always changes and evolve over the time, ultimately become outdated. It changes what is seems like almost daily basis. We always learn in the internet that there is change search algorithms.

Because of these changes in search algorithm, what should we do to make our websites on top and current with SEO. There are few SEO practice or outdated practice you should stop doing it permanently.

Focusing on Keywords and Not Click

We all know SEO is based on keywords, but you should stop focusing on density of keyword then the clicks. having all the keyword seems like best way to get good SEO but if they are not getting clicks then it does not make sense and keywords don’t matter then.

Keyword are important but not as important than getting the clicks. if you want to earn higher raking there should be proper balance between keywords and clickablity in webpages and articles.

So better to take time and write an engaging content which draws clicks and keywords. It is important to know that we create not only clickable titles but also should take a look at what is drawing the click and how to apply this technique to   blog and articles.

Too Much Anchor Text on Internal Links

If you remember, earlier heavy anchor text on interlink were used to improve the SEO, but now that is no longer the case. Because search engine algorithms take in to account of pages and articles that are inappropriately using anchor text to manipulate their SEO ranking

Always make sure you use anchor text properly, if the internal link is header, footer or wherever add appropriate anchor link. If you using simply to manipulate it won’t work anymore because it gets penalised by search engine.

Creating Pages for Every Keyword Variation

In digital marketing each page is created with each variation of keywords to ensure search engine would rank your page for keywords regardless of which keyword variation a person searching use. This is highly effective tactics still used.

As Google has knowledge about this tactics, it is suggested that keyword would be sprinkled in single page in a proper manner instead of multiple pages of each keywords variations. This shows search engines that your content is helpful but not manipulative for SEO ranking.

Paying for Links

When companies came to know that SEO value is link building, all companies started selling links to help SEO value. Which worked initially, unless search engine traced these links that signalled that website being linked was to boost their SEO value.

When Search engine like google realised companies were paying for these links to just to boost seo, they started downgrading websites rank. They recognise that these directory were not a credible source and wanted to discourage link manipulation.

I would advise companies not pay for any links unless you have legitimate partnership. If you are paying a blogger to write about your service that they use to have them in the link is ok and help to boost you seo, but money to list your link is bad.

If you are interested in learning more about outdated SEO practices and how to make sure that you aren’t using them, check out my website and my done-for-you system to improve your digital marketing.

I’m a Consultant for a business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs,Which offers a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey. Ashok kumar Mudugal

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How to Monetize Your Site Using Sponsored Posts?

How to Monetize Your Site Using Sponsored Posts?

How to Monetize Your Site Using Sponsored Posts

Few years ago, if you receive thousands of visitors on your website, you would make considerable amount of money from ads in your pages but now it is not possible as people have become blind to the ads.

Is hard to monetize the site using advertising so what is alternate ways to make money to through the traffic you receive.

By adopting new approach for monetisation can increase the user experience and over all influence. Approach I’m talking about is using sponsored posts.


What are Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored post are blog posts that companies pay to publish on your website. This might anything from blog you write or they give it you. It can be any format like reviews, informative blogs and videos.

This approach will mainly increase the presence online and also help businesses to obtain backlinks. To go with this approach, you need find businesses that are willing to pay for this service.


Find the Businesses That Need Sponsored Posts

Find the business of your niche send them message with your pitch, ask them that you are opening the change to increase their business by publishing their post on your website. Include the charge for the publication. You will get bites, some of them will turn you down.

Once you get sponsored post, you can track the stats related to each post which is published. Keep a track of visitors that article receives and number of social media shares.

You can use the tracking information details to pitch to other companies. More you publish the posts it’s easy to find new business.


Make Sure That the Sponsored Posts Match Your Brand

Please don’t publishing any post which doesn’t not relate to your brand, you can even disclose if you don’t agree with the view of author our publishing post on your website. If there is any negative response will be directed to you.

Before publishing sponsored post create a standard agreement with the business that all the articles must receive final approval before publishing and you can choose or deny and refund any post if don’t wish to publish.


Also Continue Releasing Your Own Content

Always keep in mind you can’t fill your website only with the content of sponsored post the regular reader will stop showing up. Use of sponsored content as source of addition income and supplement to your own content.

Avoid using to many sponsored post, stick to a blogging schedule of one new blog post each week. You could take one sponsored post each month.

Make sure you have 75% of original content and 25 % sponsored content should be sufficient to keep your reader happy.

This can help to increase you influence if you are careful with use of sponsored post. Your site can be beneficial information source in your niche, just be aware of quality of content you publish. Sponsored posts provide a simple alternative to ad placement for monetizing your site.

I’m a Consultant for a business training company catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs,Which offers a large selection of online training products, services, live training events and exclusive masterminds to help you along your business journey. Ashok kumar Mudugal

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How To Build Quality Back-link?

How To Build Quality Back-link?

Link building is always a very important part of SEO. Most search engines have altered their algorithms to accommodate others factors, so having quality links will always benefit search engine results. If you’re getting tired of spending hours trying to build backlinks without seeing any positive results, then use the following six solutions to build better links.

Link To Quality Sources

When you’re writing blogs or publishing content, try to link to quality sources whenever possible. This can be incredibly helpful to the reader because they’re getting good, reliable information. Adding quality links is always a benefit for websites and can help you establish authority. It’s also good practice for SEO improvement. Sometimes, the sites you link to reciprocate and link back to you, thus improving your online presence and authority.

Social Media Linking

As everybody knows, outbound links are also necessary to focus on in social media link building. What I’m referring to is essentially social media sharing of content as a part of your social media marketing strategy, which I’m pretty sure you do anyway.  It’s best to do this on a regular basis, and yes, it also depends on the amount of content you create.

What I’ve noticed is that people have little difficulty in finding topics to discuss on social media. Sharing content of any quality source on Facebook and other social media platforms can build quality links for your website, so when you curate your content, others may just share your content as reciprocal sharing.

Be Active On Community Forums

Forums are also important platforms to get quality backlinks. That doesn’t mean that you just paste your website link to any forum, though. It’s necessary that you are active and post relevant information and participate in discussions so that people get benefits from your presence there. As always, read the rules and regulations of the forum before you post.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most popular ways for building quality backlinks. If you are capable of writing blogs, you can guest post on other good traffic generating websites to gain more quality backlinks. It’s best to find an opportunity to guest post at least once a month; if you can guest post more often, that’s even better.

Create Informative Infographics

This is one of the most creative methods for obtaining quality backlinks. You can do a quick search, get the most popular post or content, and then convert the information into an explanatory infographic. According to research, people love sharing infographics, and they often use them in their own blog posts. This is the easiest way by far to build quality backlinks.

All of these solutions are very easy and straightforward. The first step is to include external links in your blog content and to curate social media. Take good advantage of various communities and forums to become authoritative in your niche. Guest blog is an effective way to generate backlinks. Most of all, create infographics that people will want to share. Whichever solution you choose, get started with it ASAP to achieve the positive results you want.

How To Reuse Existing Content?

How To Reuse Existing Content?

For people who are regularly spending money on content for their blog posts, it is understandable how frustrating it can be to see your content come and go. Outdated or irrelevant content is no longer of any value to your website, and blog posts from months or years ago are no longer read. If you get stressed when some of your good content goes unnoticed, don’t worry. There’s still hope!

Content can be reused in new and different ways. However, a lot of entrepreneurs go about reusing content the wrong way and get penalised, which decreases their ranking in search engines. So, how can we reuse content without getting punished like others have? The truth is that you can republish the content as long as you do it the right way. Here’s how to do it.

 If you want to publish duplicate content, it is very important for you to let search engines know by including a canonical URL. Canonical URLs are used for news aggregator websites and syndication of articles (these are only a couple examples). It’s a big business.

If a search engine finds that these news sites are using syndicated content, it has to punish all sites doing the same thing. This would mean that the news would have trouble staying at the top of the search engine’s ranking. The solution to this problem is the canonical URL. The code would look something like this:

<link rel=“canonical” href=“http://anywebsite.com/post” />

By adding a canonical link, search engines know the content they are crawling is a duplicate of another URL. This link has to be placed in every piece of content you are republishing, either at the very beginning or the very end. One more thing: it is important that you don’t edit the content that you are reusing. Yes, you can get .rid of any grammatical errors you may find, but don’t edit the content itself, otherwise the search engine will still count the pages and posts as separate.

Never use your canonical link as a form of black hat SEO. It should only ever be used in the proper context. If you don’t follow this rule, you could end up causing more damage than good with your canonical URL, thus defeating its purpose. As I said, you should use the actual link either at the beginning or the end of duplicate content (the URL will link back to the original content). This becomes beneficial if you are syndicating your content to use on other sites. Every time you publish, you are adding another backlink.

I think republishing is a better way to get more value out of the content that you pay for if you have a tight marketing budget per month. Rather than letting your content go to waste, consider using canonical URLs to republish them.

You can republish content to a different website tht you own, or you can allow other websites to republish your content by using the provided canonical URL link. If you have old content that you would like to republish, make sure that you’re going about it the right way.

How To Tackle Negativity In Online Business?

How To Tackle Negativity In Online Business?

The internet just like for many people in this modern era is my favorite place to be at. I have an amazing time on the internet. But despite that, there are certain things that I dislike about the internet. Don’t get me wrong, the internet has helped changed the lives of numerous people for good, for instance, as an entrepreneur, one can derive much information and help from the internet, and the guidelines available on the internet really do help in building one’s business.
But to everything in this world, there is a bright side and a dark side, just like that the internet has a negative side too. How many times have you seen people spreading rumors about people? How easy it is for people to buy all they see or watch on the internet without a second thought? As humans, we are always inclined towards negativity so in a matter of few seconds the internet can tarnish anyone’s reputation.
Don’t agree with me? Then you must spend some time on YouTube comment section and see for yourself, this will give you an insight into what I intended to convey. Jealousy is a human trait that is rekindled every time people see someones success story on the internet, they end up being overly skeptical and criticizing that person. This is how it works in the internet world.
In short, the internet provides your haters to verbally attack you or defame you, like writing a bad review about your business, services and products, they will go so far as to write up an article about your products are scams or offering alternate products. This is how the competitors would play dirty tricks to taint your image. And unfortunately people actually accept the rumors to be true, without bothering to check the credibility of the source. This has a very huge impact on your business as before you know it your competitors have already stolen your audience or traffic, thus in this way thwarting your success. When this happens, grab the opportunity to use this negativity in your favor.
You might have noticed people always want to find out if a certain online product or service is a scam or is legitimate or not. So remember, when marketing, you must aim at this kind of audience by setting up your own scam reviews. The rule is to start with the negative examination of your own product, then proceeding towards the strength of your products. Queer It sounds, but, you have to educate your audience. If you yourself won’t do it someone else in competition with you might exaggerate your weaknesses and things get out of your hands that way. So address this issue before it’s too late.

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