How to Reach Your Online Marketing to the Global Market?

How to Reach Your Online Marketing to the Global Market?

When you create your first website, only way and quickest way to expand is to concentrate on niche market. This means focusing on niche market. But the question is, have you reached this small market with your full potential?

To grow and expand in your niche market i.e. small market to global market you need time. Before going global you need to carefully plan the marketing strategy for global audience.

Going global means having larger audience and more competition which is totally different from targeting niche market. Following ideas might help you in   your transition.

Don’t avoid you niche market

Always keep in mind where have you come from i.e. niche market. So don’t over see your niche market. You can continue targeting your niche market while you are aiming towards the larger audience.

Point I’m making is continue with existing strategy for niche market to maintain the sales, at the same time also work on new strategy to reach larger audience

No Politics and Religion Discussion in Marketing

When starting your marketing campaign, always be aware of what you say. Unless and until business is involved politics or religion, there is no need to discuss any of those topics through the social media.

What you state is very important when you are targeting a global market. Some countries are sensitive towards sharing of your discussion on social platform. This would create a negative reputation in certain region by your discussion of   political and religion views. So you have to be equal to all the audience.

Convert marketing to advertising

If you see 2/3 of world population are non-English speakers. most of these even though they can speak English prefer to browse and shop online in their native local language.

It’s not that difficult to do add different language option on to your webpages. You can use google translate plugin for your website. But for advertising and marketing material you may not have this option.

But you can translate the marketing and advertising material to other language. There is an application to translate the content for you marketing efforts; if you marketing to India translate to Indian language if Japanese translate material to Japanese language.

Localise the Content to area or region

For global marketing campaigns, you have to create individual landing page for each city and content for each place, people, things that people in particular city recognise. This is localisation when target the multiple cities.

While translating use the phrase and wording that the local audience are familiar with and also the reference about landmark, details and facts about the place where you marketing.

 Give an option of international payment gateway

The important considerations here are; which payment gateway you use. PayPal payments accepts other county currencies and have auto currency exchange. If you choose another option, make sure they have automatic current exchange. So if you ready for global market reach use these ideas to reach difference place region of the as part global marketing strategy.

How to include Local SEO in your Marketing Plans?

How to include Local SEO in your Marketing Plans?

As an online entrepreneur, your major marketing plan are always focused on global market or regional market. But we always forget about local market which can help to gain new customer and increase sales.

There are numerous benefits of local market marketing, you can increase the possibility of getting more clients in that particular region, helps in increase worked of mouth advertising and also helps you with competition, ultimately gives you increase in sales.

Following are few methods by which you target local market using SEO.

 Find the market which are likely to use your product.

First of all, your aim is to find local markets which are likely to use your products and services. By using google trends you can find out which region is in search for products and service your offering.

You can also perform keyword search as you do for any webpage and find out most popular terms. This gives you overall picture of which market you would target.

Make a Landing page which is location specific.

To target a local market, determine the local market then you should optimise the existing landing page or creates one which is location or region specific and also you can customise totally to the local market.

You have also optimise the content for the local audience. Work with relevant keyword phrases for your content. Always Be careful while using keywords, it should not affect readability of the content.

It is good to add location specific keywords phrases to headline or sub headlines and also can make effort to add to SEO description and title of landing page.

Local ad campaign

Next important step is to advertise online using local advertise channels or even you can setup ppc ads targeting campaign to local market and cost of ppc is also less than, if you target to the whole country. Same applies to all different find of social media ads.

Give special Promotion Offer to Local Market.

By providing offer or special promotional offer in your ads and marketing content, create an emotional engagement with the customers and shows the customers that you care about them.

When customers are convinced that is offer is for local market, chance of conversion rate is more. And also always create a sense of urgency in the offers. So that customers should know they have to act asap to receive this special promotion offer.

 Track and monitor the result and Local traffic.

Once these above methods are implemented most important things to monitor the local traffic and results. Evaluate the marketing cost and return on investment. And also see if you are getting good result with these marketing methods.

Don’t always try to sell or promote products on global market because your products can be bought from anywhere in the world. You can easily reach the local market costumers with the same product and achieve better conversions. Start targeting a local audience. Get ranked higher in local search results and boost your sales.

Can Cold Traffic Make Money?

Can Cold Traffic Make Money?

Can Cold Traffic Make Money? Online business gurus are always advising you to go with targeted traffic. They tell you to target the people who are already interested in your online business model because they’re the ones who will be buying your products.

There are few business models that pay you at the back end, and I happen to use one. To build credibility in online business, you need to give things time. Success doesn’t come automatically. However, you can still make money as soon as you get started. That’s where the type of business model you choose comes into the picture.

You don’t need to learn how to get traffic or master copywriting, email marketing, creating a website, and webinar selling all at the same time. The first thing you should learn is how to drive traffic consistently on a daily basis. To do this, you need to focus on one traffic method first.

Pick your traffic method. This can be solo ad banners, direct marketing, email marketing and so on. None are inherently better than the other, but each will help you develop the skills that could fetch you well over 50 clicks on a daily basis.

When I started working at my online business, I personally chose direct marketing. I printed a post card size leaflet and took to inviting people around the area to where my business workshop took place. This is what I mean by cold traffic. I didn’t even know if these people were interested in the online business or not, but I invited them anyway.

The only probability I saw was that the event was a walkable distance for many people, and guess what? Many of the people I invited decided to attend despite having no idea what my online business was about. Later, they learned what it was and went through the process of the workshop, and I started earning money right away.

There’s a common misperception that you can’t make big money in this business until you become a famous guru and build your own brand. That is entirely false. There are a few people that I personally know living in beach houses, operating successful million dollar online businesses.

Oftentimes, people try to skip the traffic part and start learning about how to build their own blogs, create products, or build a large email list. Skipping this crucial part of building your online business is ridiculous. These people are setting themselves up for failure! Until you, as a new online marketer, can consistently generate traffic to a link each and every day and put a lot of people in front of your offer, you haven’t a hope of getting paid.

This point is worth emphasising over and over again. First things first. What you need to learn as an online marketer is how to generate traffic. You are in business to generate both quality and quantity of the clicks to an offer, whether that’s through cold traffic or hot traffic.

Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

Free traffic is based on SEO video marketing and marketing to your friends groups on Facebook. It’s not that I’m against free traffic. You can do well with it, and organic searches are better for your site when being indexed by search engines, but the process is slow. It doesn’t teach people to market properly, it’s time-consuming, and moreover, it isn’t scalable.

Paid traffic might feel like a risk, but when you see the benefits and potential, you will see why I strongly prefer it. Let me explain to you why I call it scalable.

When you pay for traffic, you’re likely to get a bigger return than when you don’t. You could say you literally get what you pay for. Paid traffic allows for larger revenue streams that increase your budget for marketing. When you make profits, take a percentage of it and reinvest in paid traffic again. When the revenue comes back even larger, you can dedicate a larger percentage to buying traffic a second time, which allows your business to grow exponentially. It’s a cycle that works.

Of course, there are downsides to every business method, and having money on the line might sound like a bad consequence, but it’s a serious motivator. When you’re pursuing free traffic through various methods like email lists and SEO optimization, you can spend months, even years, without having positive results. Time and time again, you’ll find yourself trying to keep up with search engine algorithms and spending hours on keyword research. You see little return for your time investment.

The process of getting free traffic might be frustrating, but it isn’t causing you any direct harm other than wasting your time, which I consider more valuable than money. When you pay for traffic, you will focus and do everything you can to get the results you need because the stakes are high. Your money is on the line; what better motivator is there than the potential loss of your hard-earned cash?

As a result of using paid traffic, you’ll learn to strengthen your skills set to become successful. You’ll also learn to market properly, write effectively, strategize what types of ads you use, and build a list for email marketing. Some of these will be particularly difficult for you, but you’ll benefit from knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Once you’ve learned these things, you’ll be able to delegate tasks to others.

The truth of the matter is that paid traffic is an investment, not an expense. For every dollar you spend, you get two dollars worth of traffic. The return on your investment makes it all worthwhile. You may not find success on your first attempt, but as you learn and improve your skills as an internet marketer, paying for traffic will become something you start to look forward to.

Advertise to empower, not to interrupt!

Advertise to empower, not to interrupt!

Advertise to empower, not to interrupt!

Online businesses have cornered the market on advertising, but not in the way you might think. Just about every site you visit has an annoying popup filled with product advertisements that are in your face, begging you to buy. Ads are considered to be obstructive and can take away from the user’s experience, and yet this method of advertising has worked for the last 30 years.

The shady side of marketing was all about profitability, but thanks to search engines, social media and mobile technology, brands are completely transparent. Online businesses have had to change their angle to build a breakthrough brand. This new model is all about empowerment, not just interruptions. Advertising is the future for online businesses, and the right kind of branding can have a great impact on people’s lives. The profit comes from helping others around the world.

What do I mean by “profit comes from helping others”?

Nowadays, ads are a two-way interaction. It’s not just about throwing ads out there until people click to buy your product. It’s about adding value to your customers’ lives and tweaking your product to fit their needs. For example, new models of cars are being produced much more than in previous years. Consumers want cars that fit their style, so car companies need to market to the various needs of consumers with a larger selection of models.

Each new product has to be really good, otherwise the far reach of customer reviews can be detrimental to your business. Consumers are holding companies accountable for mistakes that they make. Ads are being revolutionized and revived to help empower consumers, not interrupt their daily lives with obnoxious advertising that does nothing for them. Ads should be magnets, not megaphones. Telling someone your product is amazing and that they should buy it no longer works – you have to show that your product has value.

Take a look at health products from sports companies. Most of them help you keep track of how many calories you consume or burn, helping you to be healthier and more athletic. They improve your health by showing you how to make healthy choices and what you can do to improve. They empower you to become a better you rather than just begging you to buy them. The same goes for technology and pharmaceutical products; each product makes your life easier and benefits you in a variety of ways.

More and more companies are leaving behind the philosophy that enough advertisements will convince customers to buy, even if the product doesn’t empower the user. Online businesses are now helping people to achieve their goals. Even in my online business, I don’t concentrate on profits alone. I also have a strong focus on giving value to my customers. It’s what’s helping my smaller business grow into a bigger one. Just imagine what would happen if every single company used this model to provide value for their customers. The world would be a better place!

Social media is not a joke!

Social media is not a joke!

Social media is not a joke! Like all effective business tools, it should be taken seriously and not ignored.

I often see people celebrating the number of likes they’ve received or a multitude of new followers. According to their locker room metrics, they’re quite a hit, and they tend to brag about it. I see people writing deceptive headlines in order to lure new readers in to click their links. I see people abuse Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by shamelessly advertising products and services. It gets to be a bit much. These people contribute nothing except a growing sense of distrust and an unhealthy dose of cynicism among consumers.

Social media is not a traffic honey pot! There are better, more ethical ways of driving traffic to your site. Rather than being annoying with a bad long term business strategy, we need to do things the right way to get a better response over time. I’ve found some things in particular that are really important when marketing through social media.

First of all, social media is about offering value. We feel that if we place an add, millions of people on Facebook and Twitter will see it, click it, and the ad will generate money. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. People want something exceptionally impressive and interesting that they can’t help but share or tweet. Instead of placing misleading blog links, how about offering some free professional advice on something that’s within your area of expertise? This will help you build an online reputation and credibility.

Social media isn’t about algorithms; it’s about people. I see people trying to figure out the algorithms of social media platforms in order to manipulate it, and some actually do find a loophole. Unfortunately for them, it only works for a little while. Algorithms are constantly changing, and an out-of-date algorithm will only harm your business. It’s simply not a sustainable approach. Social media should be about generating shareable information that can help people in one way or another.

Social media is about forging relationships. Lots of bloggers and business owners become jealous when they see the amount of followers other businesses have. It can be easy to become obsessed with numbers. What I’ve learned so far is to invest in and strengthen the relationship between you and the market. Sure, numbers are important, but a following should be comprised of real people who are genuine followers.

The true measure of influence when it comes to social media is in the strength and quality of relationships. Social media should never be automated. We should become a key figure in our niche rather than just pumping out more tweets and blog posts. We need to listen to our audience and the unique challenges that they face in order to build a better brand. Putting in the time and effort needed to build our brand is what our business depends on. There is no “easy button” in online business.

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