How to Build a Better Reputation Online by Burying Bad Reviews?

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Reputation in online business is very important because it can break or make change of success. To maintain good image in market place whether you are an affiliate or an own products seller.

You need bury a negative review asap, because when a customer gives a bad review it might cause your client to reconsider your products ultimately you could end up in loosing sale.

Typically, it is hard to let go bad review. Once it is posted it is there to stay, but using better reputation management you can let go these kind of bad review and limit the impact on the business in future.

Manage Negative Responses on Social Media

Biggest platform for negative feedback is social media, this is where people love to post their responses. You should have email alert system to so that you can track if someone mention you brand in post.

As soon you notice any negative response you respond asap. Quick response can defuse the situation and you get an opportunity to bury negative response.

If person leaves a negative response, respond them by sending the direct messages. By sending them direct messages find out how can you resolve the issue. If you action resolves their problem and they are happy with results, then publicly comment on initial comments.

Reply to initial public comments show that you have resolved the issue, but never include any details of the conversation that you had with the costumer.

Manage Negative Responses on Review Sites

If people leaves any negative response on the review site, it won’t be possible get that review removed. But you can the keep the costumer.

Same as previous tip if you could response theses reviews asap. And ask how can you resolve their problem and also ask if they need refund and discount. This kind of small step can build you reputation online.

Encourage Satisfied Customers to Leave Feedback.

The next step to overcome negative reviews is to encourage the satisfied costumer to give positive feedback. When you send invoice to costumer it should include thank you and remind them to write a feedback online.

It is not necessary to ask your customer to give positive review, but you can encourage them. You can remind the in order confirmation page or contact page.

Make a List of Bad Responses

You should start make a list of the negative comments to the products and services that your trying to sell. Consider the most common complaints.

If you receive same kind of feedback from many costumers, then there is some problem with you items you are selling. This is will help to identify the main issues in your products and service and can rectify.

If you make your own products or and responsible for the services, you can use this feedback to improve your offering. By delivering an improved product you can gain good review and comments.

In the end, the best way to overcome negative reviews to get positive reviews. At the same time, you can attempt to keep your customers happy. Respond to their negative comments in a timely manner. And, remember to encourage your satisfied customers to leave their feedback.

The best way to bury negative comments to get positive comments. At the same you can make costumer happy by resoling issues by responding them in timely manner. And also don’t forget to remind the satisfied customer to leave feedback.

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