4 Ways to Use Social Media to Obtain Converting Leads

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Obtain Converting Leads

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Obtain Converting Leads

Obtaining high converting lead is most essential part of online or internet marketing. There are many tools to accomplish this but one of most cost effective are social media which we all know it.

Social media can enable millions of people to buy the products you offer without you shelling money on it.

You would probably already have started using social media. But my few tips can help you to leverage your own tactics to gain more high converting leads.

1) Choose the Right Social Media platform,

Stream lining your effort is most important, to gain better leads though social media. You don’t need to have account on every social media platform don’t spread yourself out too thin.

Every online entrepreneur needs to have Facebook account. In addition to that can have twitter and other one or two platform, always stick to basics.

Consider your target audience when it comes to choosing 3rd or 4th options. For example, Pinterest are more of content related, crafts, fashion, beauty and entertainment. Instagram is becoming more of brand promoting platform.

2) Target Audience with Paid Ads

Social media paid ads is better than traditional pay per click ads. You get many impressions and click compare to amount to spend on google ppc ads.

Always use target ads when use paid ads on Facebook twitter or Instagram. All social media platform allows to use targeted ads based on the interest of the person and criteria. this simple steps helps to boost the conversion.

3) Share Video info on Social Media

Another best idea is to share more video on social media which drives engagement and also result increase in conversion rate. When share post related to products and service add video to it.

In posts and tweets if you have more and more video, it is likely to get noticed they get more likes and shares. Video can also be shared in Instagram but length of video should not be more than 60 sec.

With creating marketing video, you can also create a short video of testimonials of satisfied customers. Your can also create some demonstration video highlighting pros and benefits of products and services.

Use these video to drive traffic to you landing page, High engagement means higher conversion.

4) Use Keyword Research for Tags

You choose the tag carefully on your social media posts that you give to keyword research for blog and paid ads. Do research to find right words which is reveals to the post and use as hashtags

Always place hashtags at the end of the content instead of word replacement and this makes it easier to read your message.

People use hashtag to search feature on their social media platform, it acts as search filters. Using right hashtags helps to attract right audience.

These ideas will help to drive converting traffic from social media account to your website. Make sure you use these suggestions with your social media marketing plan.

You should be posting a mixture of promotional and non-promotional messages to your followers on social media. If you do this and continue to use these tips, you should get a spike in referral traffic from social media.

Your posting should be mixture of non-promotional and promotional posts to your followers in social media. If you do these in regular basis it would spike the referral traffic from social media.

Social media provides a great opportunity to gain more lead.

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How to Improve Your YouTube Views and Conversion?

How to Improve Your YouTube Views and Conversion?

Video marketing is way to go to acquire new customers if not you are missing out. Video always drives traffic and provides higher engagement rates.

People always enjoy watching videos, so you can make use to showcase customer testimonials products details or demos. People using mobile devices prefer using video over the text.

In order to drive traffic to your site from a video on YouTube or posted to social media, you need to have a clear goal. You need to decide on what you’re trying to accomplish.

You have to have clear goal to drive traffic to your site from YouTube video or video on social media. You need a decide on what you are trying to achieve.

When your goal is setup and create video with the following few steps you can boost conversion rates and get more views.


Choose the Perfect Thumbnail

Thumbnail is most important element of your video when you upload. Because that is first thing people see when the results appear while search. Same thing determines whether to click and watch.

When you upload a video in YouTube, you can choose from screen grabs or can select any random images. it is better to take time create to own image for thumbnails.

Always make sure that thumbnail has got clear image with appropriate title or keyword over that image. This is to make people understand what is video all about straight away.


Use a Brand Image Consistently

It always helps to establish a brand image, when you’re trying to make money online. Even if you’re selling affiliate products, having an identifiable brand helps you attract more leads.

When you are online entrepreneur it is better to have a brand image. Because it helps to attract more leads enough you are selling affiliate products. You should have   consistent brand image on social media or in use of video and across your website.

For example, if you have any specific colours for your website, use same colour combination on your social media and video which you upload. Also you can insert the title card between the scene using same themes of your brand.


Pay Attention to Length of Video


Viewer engagement peaks at 2-minutes and then starts to drop. So, you’ll want to keep most of your videos to 2-minutes or less. Generally, the only time that you want to create longer videos is when you have more information to provide.

Viewer engagement is on peak only for 2minutes and then it goes down. So you have keep video to 2 min or less than that to keep up that engagement. You can create longer video when you have more content or information to provide.

For promotional videos and testimonials, shorter is better. Use these short videos to enhance your landing pages. Instead of just showing quotes from customers, show their video testimonial. Showcase the features of the product or service that you’re selling.

If you aim for promotional and testimonials video s shorter would be better. And also can use this shorter videos for your landing pages. Always try to showcase feature and testimonials of the products and service you are selling instead of showing quotes.


Add a Clear Call to Action

The final step in boosting conversions from videos is to include a call to action. You need a call to action to let people know what to do next. Though, most people make the mistake of placing the call to action at the end of the video.

You should actually place a call to action toward the middle of your video. The CTA could appear as an on-screen annotation or an embedded text overlay. Then, include another call to action at the end.

Make sure that your CTA is clear and direct. Remember that it needs to describe an action, such as “call me, book an appointment, click this link, complete this form, order today, or visit this page.”

Increasing video conversions begins with the thumbnail. This grabs attention. Then, you need to think about branding, video length, and your call to action. In addition to these steps, don’t forget to include the appropriate metadata, such as an attention-grabbing title and an informative description.

How to Build a Better Reputation Online by Burying Bad Reviews?

How to Build a Better Reputation Online by Burying Bad Reviews?

Reputation in online business is very important because it can break or make change of success. To maintain good image in market place whether you are an affiliate or an own products seller.

You need bury a negative review asap, because when a customer gives a bad review it might cause your client to reconsider your products ultimately you could end up in loosing sale.

Typically, it is hard to let go bad review. Once it is posted it is there to stay, but using better reputation management you can let go these kind of bad review and limit the impact on the business in future.

Manage Negative Responses on Social Media

Biggest platform for negative feedback is social media, this is where people love to post their responses. You should have email alert system to so that you can track if someone mention you brand in post.

As soon you notice any negative response you respond asap. Quick response can defuse the situation and you get an opportunity to bury negative response.

If person leaves a negative response, respond them by sending the direct messages. By sending them direct messages find out how can you resolve the issue. If you action resolves their problem and they are happy with results, then publicly comment on initial comments.

Reply to initial public comments show that you have resolved the issue, but never include any details of the conversation that you had with the costumer.

Manage Negative Responses on Review Sites

If people leaves any negative response on the review site, it won’t be possible get that review removed. But you can the keep the costumer.

Same as previous tip if you could response theses reviews asap. And ask how can you resolve their problem and also ask if they need refund and discount. This kind of small step can build you reputation online.

Encourage Satisfied Customers to Leave Feedback.

The next step to overcome negative reviews is to encourage the satisfied costumer to give positive feedback. When you send invoice to costumer it should include thank you and remind them to write a feedback online.

It is not necessary to ask your customer to give positive review, but you can encourage them. You can remind the in order confirmation page or contact page.

Make a List of Bad Responses

You should start make a list of the negative comments to the products and services that your trying to sell. Consider the most common complaints.

If you receive same kind of feedback from many costumers, then there is some problem with you items you are selling. This is will help to identify the main issues in your products and service and can rectify.

If you make your own products or and responsible for the services, you can use this feedback to improve your offering. By delivering an improved product you can gain good review and comments.

In the end, the best way to overcome negative reviews to get positive reviews. At the same time, you can attempt to keep your customers happy. Respond to their negative comments in a timely manner. And, remember to encourage your satisfied customers to leave their feedback.

The best way to bury negative comments to get positive comments. At the same you can make costumer happy by resoling issues by responding them in timely manner. And also don’t forget to remind the satisfied customer to leave feedback.

How to improve your content quality?

How to improve your content quality?

How to improve your content quality?

Online entrepreneur’s biggest obstacle is of generating fresh content every now and then. With paid ads and strong social media presence you can’t go that far. Ultimately you have to drive traffic to your website.

Best way is to publish regular new content for gaining traffic, increase your search ranking and building backlinks

But, traffic depends on how good is your content are.

For good content, entrepreneur tend to outsource the content to blog writer they create article for them, it is very hard to find blog writer who writes the way you thing and style in which you write. And also it is hard to match the brand.

Entrepreneur don’t have to be a professional writer to create a high quality of content for their own website. This skills of blog, ads, webpages and sales copy can be developed any time.

With these 4 tips, you can learn how to improve the quality of your content and reader engagement.

#1 Make a List of the Topics to Discuss

Before writing article, make a list of the topic, tips and ideas which you are planning to write and also can use these list to create your sub header.

Above rule can be used for blog post, product review and website copy or any sales copy. For example, you can make list of features for sales copy. Later can make each features as an individual paragraph with appropriate sub header,

Sub header is because it can help to break up the content so the reader can easily read the content an also stay on track with purpose of the content.

#2 Present the Main Problem at the Beginning of Your Content

Start with the problem with which you are going address. For example, at the beginning of this article I started discussing the problem of   generation a fresh content regularly.

Talk about problem earlier, highlight few pain points of readers and mention the way to solve the problem.

That should be overall structure of your writing with opening paragraph with problems and identifying the problem and how to solve it.

#3 Use Short Paragraphs to Improve Readers engagement.

Readability of the content depends on various factors. Designing a structure of content with sub headers which will help to break the content and also adding images can help to do this.

Proper writing will also make lot of difference is readability of the content. By using short words sentences and paragraphs. It is better to have average paragraph length of 2 to 3 sentences and

Please do not make mistake of over explaining a topic. Short paragraph will help to remain focuses on the main points that you want to address.

#4 Don’t Edit Your Content Until Finishing

Hold your editing skills until you finish writing initial draft. If you start editing as you write you will find it will take much longer to finish writing.

After finishing, proof read and use spell checker in word processor then read entire content line by line. As now you have few tips which will help you to generate content. It not hard but you require practice.


How to Repurpose Your Content in a legal way?

How to Repurpose Your Content in a legal way?

In online marketing it requires time and energy to create content. If you are outsourcing to create content, you may require money to do so. Worst part is if the blog what you made some time ago that became old and doesn’t help you to bring traffic to your website.

Let me tell one thing, you can reuse the content in different ways so that you are not penalised by search engines. This includes:

Add new facts to your content

Change the format of the content

Convert our present list to various posts

Use a Combination of These Tips

Add new facts to your content

Fastest solution is to take out the old content which hardly fetch you any traffic and update with new information and facts which is relevant to this point of time.

Always keep in mind when you update your post add on to bottom of the post. So that people would know that you have update the older post. This would depict your honesty in all aspects of marketing.

So question is what to add? It can be anything new information or facts about the post, you just have make sure your information is relevant today’s world. If your information is no longer relevant today, then changes what you making doesn’t make any sense.

Change the format or compile the content

Changing the format means they should have similar kind of themes not exact same topic we had earlier. Try to compile the themes and content in new format

You can create an eBook depending upon how many post you have or else can expand the post. In   eBook you can create each posts as a chapter and add introduction and conclusion to the eBook. After creating eBook publish them on online publishing site or amazon or offer from your landing pages.

There is another option If you don’t want to compile or convert posts into new format. You can take old post create a short video using the content of the video. If not video you can also create podcast or infographics. You can decide yourself which format to go for or best suites you.

Convert our present list in the post to various posts

For example, you have an article or post which has for various tips. You can convert each and every tips into article of its own create a new post on its own. Say you have 10 tips then you can create 10 separate article of 10 tips.

Use a Combination of These Tips

you can combine all the tips or methods of using old post by create video on some tips or cerate eBook with using all of post or else you can create new post out of one of the tips from any of your own post. There are many possibilities you can play with.

But the bottom-line is just because post are old doesn’t mean that it should go waste. It can be used again in better way by reusing it and get more out of it.

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