Are you really free?

by | Feb 21, 2016 | Mindset, Online Business | 0 comments

Are you really free, or is freedom just a misconception?

Let’s say I have a bottle of water. A scientist has discovered that it can be transformed into a diamond, a one-of-a-kind diamond that’s unlike anything else in the whole world. What would be your desire toward that bottle? It’s simple; everyone will be in cutthroat competition to get the bottle. You will have no regard for anybody else there. You’ll only concentrate on getting the bottle.

The bottle of water represents money. Everyone in the world is after money. It’s so important that you can’t deny the fact that everybody needs money. Sure, you can act like money isn’t important, but fact is that your desire is for money. You can’t leave desires and thoughts behind; they’ll always be with you.

Everything in this world is related to money: our educational system, our jobs, businesses, relationships, and more. How do we become free with these kinds of desires? The only thing we need to understand is that the bottle has life-saving water that will quench our thirst. That’s it! The value of money is the same as the importance of fuel to a vehicle. We need fuel in order to run the vehicle.

If you ask people why they work, they will say that everybody does it, and so they must do it too in order to feed their family. Work means money. Money means food. They don’t really know where they’re going, only that they must work in order to feed their family. It’s how they’ve been conditioned since childhood. They must supply fuel to the vehicle of their lives.

In order to free yourself from your desire for money, I’m telling you to do something that you can do well. Once you do that, making money is easy and ethical! All you have to do is to accept that it’s easy. You’ll see others who are doing this, and you’ll try and learn from them. Your mind will take you down that path. You might find many paths, but in order to find yourself and achieve true freedom, you need to pick one which suits your strengths.

For example, there are hundreds of online businesses and even more ways to make money online. You need to choose one where your strength lies. You’ll have to check your options one by one. When you find your strength, you’ll automatically stop and use it more. This is how you can discover your strength. Make yourself better at it, and you’ll soon find yourself developing your own business. Make sure to use your money intelligently instead of spending it on leisure.

Things might happen where your health becomes poor or you mess up your relationship. You’ll see things start to slide, and you’ll lose interest in your business and your desires. This is how you get tied up. How will you become free again? It’s only by getting rid of thoughts that bring you down. The moment you realize you aren’t attached to anything and you simply love everything around you… that’s when you will enjoy real freedom.

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