Advertise to empower, not to interrupt!

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Advertise to empower, not to interrupt!

Online businesses have cornered the market on advertising, but not in the way you might think. Just about every site you visit has an annoying popup filled with product advertisements that are in your face, begging you to buy. Ads are considered to be obstructive and can take away from the user’s experience, and yet this method of advertising has worked for the last 30 years.

The shady side of marketing was all about profitability, but thanks to search engines, social media and mobile technology, brands are completely transparent. Online businesses have had to change their angle to build a breakthrough brand. This new model is all about empowerment, not just interruptions. Advertising is the future for online businesses, and the right kind of branding can have a great impact on people’s lives. The profit comes from helping others around the world.

What do I mean by “profit comes from helping others”?

Nowadays, ads are a two-way interaction. It’s not just about throwing ads out there until people click to buy your product. It’s about adding value to your customers’ lives and tweaking your product to fit their needs. For example, new models of cars are being produced much more than in previous years. Consumers want cars that fit their style, so car companies need to market to the various needs of consumers with a larger selection of models.

Each new product has to be really good, otherwise the far reach of customer reviews can be detrimental to your business. Consumers are holding companies accountable for mistakes that they make. Ads are being revolutionized and revived to help empower consumers, not interrupt their daily lives with obnoxious advertising that does nothing for them. Ads should be magnets, not megaphones. Telling someone your product is amazing and that they should buy it no longer works – you have to show that your product has value.

Take a look at health products from sports companies. Most of them help you keep track of how many calories you consume or burn, helping you to be healthier and more athletic. They improve your health by showing you how to make healthy choices and what you can do to improve. They empower you to become a better you rather than just begging you to buy them. The same goes for technology and pharmaceutical products; each product makes your life easier and benefits you in a variety of ways.

More and more companies are leaving behind the philosophy that enough advertisements will convince customers to buy, even if the product doesn’t empower the user. Online businesses are now helping people to achieve their goals. Even in my online business, I don’t concentrate on profits alone. I also have a strong focus on giving value to my customers. It’s what’s helping my smaller business grow into a bigger one. Just imagine what would happen if every single company used this model to provide value for their customers. The world would be a better place!

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