4 Ways to Use Social Media to Obtain Converting Leads

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Obtain Converting Leads

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Obtaining high converting lead is most essential part of online or internet marketing. There are many tools to accomplish this but one of most cost effective are social media which we all know it.

Social media can enable millions of people to buy the products you offer without you shelling money on it.

You would probably already have started using social media. But my few tips can help you to leverage your own tactics to gain more high converting leads.

1) Choose the Right Social Media platform,

Stream lining your effort is most important, to gain better leads though social media. You don’t need to have account on every social media platform don’t spread yourself out too thin.

Every online entrepreneur needs to have Facebook account. In addition to that can have twitter and other one or two platform, always stick to basics.

Consider your target audience when it comes to choosing 3rd or 4th options. For example, Pinterest are more of content related, crafts, fashion, beauty and entertainment. Instagram is becoming more of brand promoting platform.

2) Target Audience with Paid Ads

Social media paid ads is better than traditional pay per click ads. You get many impressions and click compare to amount to spend on google ppc ads.

Always use target ads when use paid ads on Facebook twitter or Instagram. All social media platform allows to use targeted ads based on the interest of the person and criteria. this simple steps helps to boost the conversion.

3) Share Video info on Social Media

Another best idea is to share more video on social media which drives engagement and also result increase in conversion rate. When share post related to products and service add video to it.

In posts and tweets if you have more and more video, it is likely to get noticed they get more likes and shares. Video can also be shared in Instagram but length of video should not be more than 60 sec.

With creating marketing video, you can also create a short video of testimonials of satisfied customers. Your can also create some demonstration video highlighting pros and benefits of products and services.

Use these video to drive traffic to you landing page, High engagement means higher conversion.

4) Use Keyword Research for Tags

You choose the tag carefully on your social media posts that you give to keyword research for blog and paid ads. Do research to find right words which is reveals to the post and use as hashtags

Always place hashtags at the end of the content instead of word replacement and this makes it easier to read your message.

People use hashtag to search feature on their social media platform, it acts as search filters. Using right hashtags helps to attract right audience.

These ideas will help to drive converting traffic from social media account to your website. Make sure you use these suggestions with your social media marketing plan.

You should be posting a mixture of promotional and non-promotional messages to your followers on social media. If you do this and continue to use these tips, you should get a spike in referral traffic from social media.

Your posting should be mixture of non-promotional and promotional posts to your followers in social media. If you do these in regular basis it would spike the referral traffic from social media.

Social media provides a great opportunity to gain more lead.

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